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Rilke 1875 1926 was a famous German poet, born in Prague He traveled widely throughout Europe, married and had a daughter A dozen years out of school, after Rilke had achieved some fame as a poet, a young man wrote to him asking for advice about life and poetry Rilke wrote ten letters to him over five years The young boy was romantic, frail and dreamy a prisoner, so to speak, in a military boarding school where he was subject to strict discipline, bullying and humiliation It was the same school that Rilke s father sent him to in preparation for a career as a military officer And all those adjectives also applied to Rilke who had been in the identical situation So, in a sense, Rilke poured his heart out writing to his younger self Some of Rilke s writings in the ten letters For the creative artist there is no poverty nothing is insignificant or unimportant There is nothing that manages to influence a work of art less than critical words They always result in or less unfortunate misunderstandings Things are not as easily understood nor as expressible as people usually would like us to believe Most happenings are beyond expression they exist where a word has never intruded Writing in 1904 Rilke was amazingly prescient about the upcoming sexual revolution Perhaps the sexes are closely related than one would think Perhaps the great renewal of t Dear Mr Rilke,Assuming it to be a frequent phenomenon with you, I partake in pleasure and liberty of appointing you the receiver of yet another letter, from a besotted admirer of your wisdom and expression.You see I have always felt that the best stories are those that we wish turned true stories that uplift us with their depths and spring us back to the surface to stay afloat stories that carry our thoughts in their seams and weave the most warm blankets to protect us in the winters of life stories that complete the half drawn picture, packing us to a destination of solace.But above all, a story works best when the mind inking it knows its reader like a best friend knowing when to let her be and when to rejig her When the pen joins dots to create conversations between its one such holder and this distant best friend, the creations turn alive, ringing their elevating bells for years to come.Although I laid hands on a bunch of letters your wrote to Mr.Kappus, your young poet friend, I was taken aback by the loud resonance that penetrated my soul upon reading them You came to bless me with your Letters to a Young PoetRainer Maria Rilke Letters to young poet , written by famed poet Rainer Maria Rilke, starts with aimaginarypoetMr Kappusseeking affirmation, from the great German poet, whether he should write The book continues with a series of letters which are generous answers, to the letters by Young Worker , by Rilke, who was only 28 then, at length, and in great detail about what constitutes creativity and poetry, and how to channel the former into the latter When you read first letter, at the outset, you may get perception as if the poet is not pleased with someone asking him to evaluate works by that someone , however as you move ahead you realize that letters by Rilke are exquisite, deep, very candid and probably of some use to someone new who is seeking advice of experienced ones Rilke begins with probably the most honest statement in critical theoryThere is nothing less apt to touch a work of art than critical words all we end up with there is or less felicitous misunderstandingsand continues further mediation about how to write He then begins a series of discussions, continued throughout the Letters, of how both the Young Poet and his work can become mature, richly developed, and ultimately connected to the Young Poet s creative soul The great poet says that one need not confirmation from others to decide merit of on The last book for the year The soothing, gentle, unimposing yet wise voice of Rilke what better way to fold up one chapter in life and open another, with hope for suffering and joys in apt measure This little book has been my companion for four years now, always half finished, and it feels strange to finally remove the bookmark and to keep it aside.Read it with a forgiving bend Keep in mind that Rilke never wrote them with an intention to publish, it was mostly an attempt to convey a few truths to a fellow poe In 1903, A Student At A Military Academy Sent Some Of His Verses To A Well Known Austrian Poet, Requesting An Assessment Of Their Value The Older Artist, Rainer Maria Rilke 1875 1926 , Replied To The Novice In This Series Of Letters An Amazing Archive Of Remarkable Insights Into The Ideas Behind Rilke S Greatest Poetry The Ten Letters Reproduced Here Were Written During An Important Stage In Rilke S Artistic Development, And They Contain Many Of The Themes That Later Appeared In His Best Works The Poet Himself Afterwards Stated That His Letters Contained Part Of His Creative Genius, Making This Volume Essential Reading For Scholars, Poetry Lovers, And Anyone With An Interest In Rilke, German Poetry, Or The Creative Impulse. Dear Mr Rilke, How can I thank you enough for these marvelously heartfelt letters, full of inspiration, beauty and wisdom They are a glorious gift, a gospel of wonderful words which I will follow all the days of my life.Dear Reader,If there is one thing I would say to you, it is to caution you against immoderation, against lavish and excessive language When you write, try to say what you really feel and using the simplest language you know Listen to the silence deep in your heart and begin there Then, as if no one had ever tried before, try to say what you see and feel and love and lose Dear Mr Rilke, I am trying to keep your advice in mind but my heart is a busy, noisy, chattering place and it tells me to use five words instead of one, and long sentences rather than short ones.Dear Reader,Don t let yourself be controlled by irony, especially during uncreative moments When you are fully creative, try to use it, as one way to take hold of life Search into the depths of things Imagine yourself in some prison, whose walls let in none of the world s sounds for the writer or poet, solitude and silence are essential And books Read, read, read and then you will be able to write.Dear Mr Rilke,I do read, a wide selection of authors and titles, but sometimes I doubt my own judgement of what I read, especially when it differs from others or from the literary criti While reading Ideas of Heaven A Ring of Stories , by Joan Silber I found myself really enjoying the poetry inserted by Rainer Maria Rilke relevant powerful truthful beautiful words of depth I connected with I wanted to know about who Rilke was I found this book a compilation of 10 letters that Rilke wrote to a young poet named Franz Xaver Xaver wanted to know if his work was good Rilke letters are inspirational filled with wisdom jewels to writers and beauty Written 2 years before Rilke s death Rilke s letters continue to be studied by writers today I m a reader not a writer and a complete newbie to the discovery of Rilke.but the things that stood out for me advice for lack of a better word were lessons on ways to live a fulfilling, rich, honest, soulful life a transformed life.one without criticism value of solitudevalue of God value of loveI know I simplified these letters from a brilliant man who died many years ago.but they are powerful If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.Published 2016 Portuguese translation and afterword by Jos Miranda JustoDieses vor allem fragen Sie sich in der stillsten Stunde ihrer Nacht muss ich schreiben Graben Sie in sich nach einer tiefen Antwort Und wenn diese zustimmed lauten sollte, wenn Sie mit einem starken und einfachen Ich muss dieser ernsten Frage begegnen d rfen, dann bauen Sie Ihr Leben nach dieser Notwendingkeit This book has been my favourite book for twenty years or When I was attending the Goethe Institute I had access to its library which is huge I could request any book I wanted, and the services of the Goethe library would provide me with it It was literally manna from heavenConsequently, I never had a copy for myself Until now This gorgeous edition translated from German into Portuguese bilingual edition , produced something worth having It In which Rainer Maria Rilke, both mercilessly and mercifully, bashes me over the head with a baseball bat from the other side of the Great Whatever. Briefe an einen jungen Dichter Letters to a Young Poet , Rainer Maria RilkeIn 1903, a student at a military academy sent some of his verses to a well known Austrian poet, requesting an assessment of their value The older artist, Rainer Maria Rilke 1875 1926 , replied to the novice in this series of letters an amazing archive of remarkable insights into the ideas behind Rilke s greatest poetry The ten letters reproduced here were written during an important stage in Rilke s artistic development, and they contain many of the themes that later appeared in his best works The poet himself afterwards stated that his letters contained part of his creative genius, making this volume essential reading for scholars, poetry lovers, and anyone with an interest Briefe an einen jungen Dichter

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Rainer Maria Rilke is considered one of the German language s greatest 20th century poets His haunting images tend to focus on the difficulty of communion with the ineffable in an age of disbelief, solitude, and profound anxiety themes that tend to position him as a transitional figure between the traditional and the modernist poets.He wrote in both verse and a highly lyrical prose His two mos

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