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Camp Wedding Reading Camp Wedding Author Kay Springsteen Rarefishingbooks.co.uk A Blind Marine, A Nervous Bride, And An Adorable Child With Down Syndrome Who Loves Them Both Is An Equation For Another Tug On The Heartstrings In The Story Behind The Heartsight Nuptials Is Trish Ready For Life As A Military Wife Is Dan Ready For The Challenges Of Being A Father To A Precocious 6 Year Old How Will Bella Add Her Special Brand Of Magic To The Day Formerly Published In The Matrimonial Mayhem Anthology By Astraea Press.

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    Last year when Alabama was hit by those horrible tornadoes, six authors from Astraea Press, including Kay Springsteen and yours truly, pulled together an anthology of short stories to sell as a fundraiser to help those hurt by the storms That anthology, Matrimonial Mayhem, has recently been retired as having completed its assignment, and several of the

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    This was a heart warming return to Lookout Island, as we were cordially invited to the wedding of Daniel and Trish the couple we were first introduced to in Heartsight Typically I find with novella novels that there isn t enough time to get to know the characters before the story ends, however because this is or less a continuation of a previous story there

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    This is the follow up story to Heartsight that covers the time between the end of the last chapter and the epilogue I enjoyed the characters and their story so much that I was eager to continue reading about them and this novella about the time leading up to their wedding did not disappoint.Trish is having serious wedding jitters and seems to major on the minors

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    When I found out that Trish Dan s story was continued, I just had to read it I loved Heartsight and the wedding story was just beautiful It was wonderful to be part of their lives again Camp Wedding does not disappoint and is a sheer pleasure to read from the start to the very end It s Trish and Dan s special day, but before the final I do there s a bit of e...

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    122p A blind Marine, a nervous bride, and an adorable child with Down syndrome who loves them both is an equation for another tug on the heartstrings in the story behind the Heartsight nuptials Is Trish ready for life as a militar...

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    Trish and Dan s wedding is coming up fast Can everything go off without a hitch These characters are as enjoyable as before, although I really liked how the first book ended It didn t seem necessary to have a novella follow up Bella is a charmer as in the first book, and she wants so mu...

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    So sweet Kay always makes me smile with tears running down my face, what could be better

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    Loved this book Quite a lot of drama over a wedding, a missing child and a happy ending.

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