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We'll Always Have Summer This had SO much angst and one of the most intense love triangles i ve ever read about, yet the ending was such a cop out I m very disappointed I wish the first book had remained a standalone and I could ve spared myself the next 600 pages of drama and angst, because I knew Rating 1.5I feel so let down by this book.Let s get one thing straight It was definitely the weakest out of the three.Belly has finally matured, and it has been truly wonderful seeing Belly transition from a young girl to the lady she is today I feel like I grew up with her And that makes her a little extra special for me Meanwhile, we finally get to see things from Conrad POV Finally But there is a BIG problem We all know Conrad is the bad boy typical douche We know he s wronged Belly and been a complete prick, whilst Jeremiah always the gentleman eventually swept her of her feet So what changes Well, this is where I get angry I felt like the majority of the book was spent telling us how bad Jeremiah had fucked up by turning him into a jerk, whilst, on the other hand, Conrad was made into this poor, misunderstood boy who had been this hero all along Really I knew what what going on from the get go, and I suppose, I had reason to be worried I just wish that things didn t have to end this way I expected from a series that had been genuine, lovely and swoon worthy from the v PDF Epub We Ll Always Have Summer Author Jenny Han Natus Physiotherapy.co.uk One Girl.Two Brothers.The Biggest Decision Of Her Life.Just When She Thought She Had All The Answers.Isabel Has Only Ever Loved Two Boys, Conrad And Jeremiah Fisher.One Broke Her Heart The Other Made Her Happier Than She Ever Thought She D Be But Each Brother Is Keeping A Secret, And This Summer Isabel Must Choose Between The Fisher Boys, Once And For All Which Brother Will It Be Let me start this by saying we ll always have summer probably might be the best book i have ever read I am damn serious Everything, every single thing, about it is perfect and i wouldn t want it any other way The story is perfectly crafted and the characters, who by now we know better than we know ourselves, are back and making us fall in love with them all over again But shit goes down nonetheless Throughout the book you re debating whether belly should choose jeremiah or conrad Halfway through it, I was pretty sure there wasnt going to be a happy ending which made me so incredibly heartbroken and sad, i couldn t stop crying There so many emotions mixed into this One minute your laughing and the next your crying i admit it, i was a sobbing mess I was praying she would be with the person i was rooting for but it seemed pretty much impossible But in the last few pages, it starts coming together The ending was beautiful, amazing and perfect I can honestly say my life is now complete after reading this Another thing i loved about it was that it had Conrad s pov and that made things so much clear He is not the guy everyone made him out to be, I mean like he s so much than the brooding anti hero He s compassionate and loyal and he s my little baby and I love him than I ve loved anyone or anything Anyway, I loved this book Like really really loved it But the one thing Once upon a time I watched a movie called How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days I spent most of the movie with my head cocked to the side wondering why the fuck I was supposed to care about these characters Girl wants to write an article about how to mess up a relationship and do it all to this guy Guy wants to win a bet and get a promotion or something at work based on his ability to make a girl love him The movie felt neither romantic nor comedic for me I thought the main characters were both creeps who only deserved a relationship with each other to spare other people from them and as you may have guessed that s exactly how I feel about the characters in Jenny Han s Summer series.Han is not untalented There are passages, even chapters, filled with lovely writing full of nostalgia for childhood and summer Unfortunately, a book cannot ride on a few passages of lovely writing For me, a book rides on characters and all of the character s in Han s book are essentially assholes They re all meant to be something better than that, but Han lacks the skill as a writer to do little than attempt to paint an asshole with a can of paint labeled cute I really wish someone would actually own the fact that their characters are jackasses instead of dressing them into something they re not Mayb 3.5 5EeeeEEEEEEEeeeee those are my feelings on this book. When reading this book, you will becoming very frustrated as I was When it comes to teen relationships, girls tend to make these very sporadic decisions without thinking them through Belly was no exception to this rule Throughout her entire relationship with Jeremiah, she kept having that doubt in the back of her mind that told her this is wrong Plainly she ignored it and made very dumb mistakes It was the small things that showed Jeremiah was not for Belly From not considering her feelings on movie night, to cheating on her during his little frat vacation Somethings are just not forgivable, and no matter what, you deserve better The annoying part was how she kept flashing back to all those moments she had with Conrad knowing that he loved her so much Belly is an imbecile I think we all know how this story ends, and who it was she Words cannot even begin to describe how mad I am after reading this book I fell in love with the series since the first book came out, but now I can t believe it ended the way it did First off, Jenny Han COMPLETELY changed the characters I had grown to love Jeremiah was sweet, caring, and amazing, but in this book he was such a jerk I couldn t stand it Secondly, nothing really happened in the book except for maybe three major events This makes it move slow and repetitive And then it all wraps up in three pages, which really made me upset because I wanted to know how life was after Belly finally made her decision, but no Now I have to say, Jenny Han is an excellent writer who really knows how to bring out emotions in her book, I just hated the way she toyed with her readers by making them jump from guy to guy because she kept on changing personalities throughout the series Maybe I m just bitter because I don t like not being sure about what I m feelin I have immensely enjoyed the first two books in Jenny Han s Summer Series They are a bit fluffy and full of ANGST and DRAMA and produce the occasional eye rolling moment from me but they are also charming and nostalgic and summer y and somehow authentic to the teen voice I found them utterly compelling and deliciously addictive curl up in the sun summer goodness Good times I was absolutely hanging out for the third and final instalment Especially thrilled with the characters having aged and it being in the upper YA spectrum that I so loved with college aged protags Rave reviews of this book did not prepare me for the train wreck experience of reading it As a reader I do not appreciate being manipulated by an author into feeling one way or another about certain characters I prefer characters to be written with authenticity and subtlety and being drawn into a story and being allowed to make up my own mind about how I feel I can handle characters behaving badly I LOVE you Tom Mackee , however, this story was completely biased One character was continually showed as flawed, the other either had his flaws romanticised into strengths or, in most cases, shown to be continually superior with no flaws.It was a recurring theme even in minor circumstances, eg character A is messy, can t cook and liked drinking Oh but character B is so tidy, a healthy cook and displays mature drinking habits It actual Warning This review will contain spoilers, and loads of swearing, so please proceed at your own risk Also, this will be a really lengthy review, so please, bear with me.Disclaimer I do not intend to offend anyone with this review, including the author.Actual rating 1.5 stars that 0.5 is for the ending WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST READ If there was a rating system that rated books based on how much a book fucked you up This one would deserve a million stars No book has ever fucked me up so badly I guess 290 pages of built up frustration can do that to you Part of me was mourning that this series ended Part of me was so angry at how this book left me feeling cheated.I thought I d never say this, but I ve never ever felt so frustrated and mad and hated a book so much I thought The 5th Wave was already bad enough, but this book, THIS FUCKING BOOK, tops it all After finishing this book, I was so FUCKING FRUSTRATED that I FUCKING CRIED I hereby tell you, this has never ever happened

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