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Basement Level 5 Reading Basement Level 5 Author L.R Wright Horsebackridingcolorado.us BASEMENT LEVEL 5 NEVER SCARED Alexa Martinez Was Raised To Believe That Murder, Deceit, And Lies Were A Part Of Life A Trained Killer, She Follows In Her Father S Footsteps, Specializing In Political Assassinations For Martinez Security Contracted Through The CIA She Thrives On The Power, Money, Respect, And Most Of All The Adrenaline Rush Despite The Danger Associated With Her Profession, Alexa Strives To Give Her Children A Normal Life But When Her Past Catches Up With Her, They Become Pawns In A Deadly Game Of Revenge Operating From A Secret Base, Five Levels Below Ground, Alexa Struggles To Unravel The Puzzle, Uncovering Secrets That Will Alter Their Lives Forever Now She Must Make A Choice Is She Willing To Die To Give Her Children A Life Outside The Bullet Proof Glass

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    Too Many Secrets, Too Many LiesAlexa Richardson Martinez is a daughter, sister, wife, mother, and a trained killer While she s put her work aside to concentrate on raising her family, things turn in an instant when she realizes that they are all in danger Unfortunately, with such a vast resume, Alexa and her family are unable to pinpoint where the threat is coming from As the story switches from past to present day, we re privy to a teenage Alexa

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    Basement Level 5 Never Scared was amazing I was captivated from the first page and I kept wondering why the heck I hadn t read it sooner.I love a strong female heroine, and you can t get any stronger than kick ass Alexa This woman took power, control and strength to another level The fight scenes increased my heart rate as I read them because they were so awesomely written.I don t do spoilers, so I ll just say that if I wasn t so afraid of Alexa, I wo

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    Basement Level 5 Never Scared is one of the better goodreads that I have won, and most of them are very good I enjoyed the fact that the Alpha female in the book was on an equal setting as her male counterparts without loosing her femininity She was tough and hard in her role as an assassin but very feminine with her c...

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    A story of family, loyalty and undying love This book had me on edge but in a great way My emotions got the best of me during several moments in this amazing story By the end of the book I was in love with all the characters a...

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    This was a great who done it novel. loved the twists, turns and different plots Great Reading.

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    Alright, soooo, this was actually very good It was a bit confusing at first given all of the characters and no idea who was who nor how they were all related Some of the grammatical errors were also distracting However, with that said, this was still a very interesting story Unlike others, I actually found the jumps back in time helpful to explain what was going on and the history behind the actions and reactions of the characters And there are A LOT of characters.To sta

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    A HIGH OCTANE RACE TO PROTECT FAMILYAs the only daughter of a special ops assassin and trained killer herself, Alexa was reared in a family where death and deceit were considered commonplace A member of the family business, Alexa is tasked to complete the top secret jobs that the CIA trusts no one else with Amid a series of methodical plots to eliminate her, Alex struggles to figure out who is threatening her and why As she also struggles to maintain her mental stability, Ale

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    This was excellent in details, story lines and a great mystery Thefact that Alexa Martinez was born into a legacy of men who worked in aviolent world seems surreal It comes to mind that the Gotti or othercrime families living in a fish bowl world,always prepared forunwarranted danger or revenge While reading this novel I saw thetender love story between the married folks and the love of family, byany means necessary.The story development ran excellent in a suspenseful way leaving

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    Basement Level 5 Never Scared was a great read from start to finish L.R Wright took a family of assassins, made them likable, vulnerable and human, which is a hard thing to do Kudos to Ms Wright for doing such a great job getting inside the complex minds of the Martinez family.The action was fast paced and the love story between the hero, Dro and Heroine, Alexa was told perfectly in flashbacks, giving us a vivid picture of how the decisions they ve made in the past,...

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    Want a fast paced, page turning suspenseful book, then you have to read this book.Alexa is one helluva kick ass heroine as a member of a family of assassin who will do just about anything to protect her family This story certainly brings a new perspective to the term protecting your family where security is the family business.I don t want o give away the plot of the story but you can expect heart thumping action from the very first page to the last Alexa has to be the stand out and most de

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