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Davy PDF Epub Davy Edgar Pangborn Firstchance10k.co.uk Davy Is Set In The Far Future Of Our World, In The Fourth Century After The Collapse Of What We Describe As The Twentieth Century Civilisation In A Land Turned Upside Down And Backwards By The Results Of Scientific Unwisdom, Davy And His Fellow Ramblers Are Carefree Outcasts, Whose Bawdy, Joyous Adventures Among The Dead Ashes Of Old Time Culture Make A Novel Which Has Been Hailed As A Frightening, Ribald, Poignant Look At The Imaginary Future, As This Chilling And Fascinating Book, As Superb Entertainment Unique, As So Unusual As The Make It Both Refreshing And Thought Provoking.

About the Author: Edgar Pangborn

Edgar Pangborn was an American mystery, historical, and science fiction author.He published also under the pen name of

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    While sailing a trackless sea aboard a ship called the Morning Star, a scoundrel named Davy writes a book detailing his life and times in a post apocalyptic America.Things I liked about Davy First and foremost, the writing style of Davy was what sucked me in and kept me interested Pangborn employs a style that makes me feel like I m sitting down and

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    wonderful a pastoral post apocalyptic tale of growing up slowly by now, this formula has been used so many times that it probably doesn t sound remotely fresh but it was fresh to me when i first read it many years back, and re reading my favorite parts of it again tonight, the magic is still there this is not a novel of grand adventure but one of many smal

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    Davy My favorite coming of age SF novel of all timeOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureDavy 1964 is a wonderfully written coming of age story set in a post apocalyptic Northeastern United States 400 years after a brief nuclear exchange destroyed high tech civilization, where life has become far like the frontier days of the early US, with a scattered group o

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    Such a fantastic, beautiful, delicately imagined work It reminds me by turns of Mark Twain s Huckleberry Finn and Henry Fielding s Tom Jones Pangborn has the ability to get at the heart of his cast of misfits and make you care about them as much as he does not in spite of their flaws and foibles, but because of them The main character, Davy, tells us his

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    I m Davy, who was king for a time King of the Fools, and that calls for wisdom Post apocalyptic Huckleberry Finn A story about a boy growing up in America hundreds of years after a nuclear war I know the post apocalyptic theme has been done to death well almost , but this story...

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    If you ve looked at my list, you know that my tastes run towards science or speculative fiction, in particularly the type that relies on character and philosophy than technology I haven t read Davy for many years, but it was one of the first I remembered to list I must have read it 20 times or it was that good.Davy is a post apocalyptic novel set in a world that has reverted to

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    Problematic, but not too shabby overall The narrative structure and timeline of the novel irritated me, as did the footnotes added by the other characters, which seemed way too cute and cloying of a device And the novel itself took me than halfway through to really get into, because the beginning is very overly detailed and slow In contrast, the last few chapters of the book feel like

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    The wit of Vonnegut meets the bawdiness of Farmer A lascivious Huck Finn Not that horrible, with humorous jabs at dogma and ignorance, but an idle tale Brackett did better with less, ten years earlier, but without the laughs.

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    The reviews of Davy raised my expectations too high, perhaps Some reviewers claim that the book is as good as Huckleberry Finn or Walter Miller s A Canticle for Leibowitz, and although the book is good and admirable, it is not on par with those two great works.Certainly, Davy is an ambitious, praiseworthy novel I appreciate the book s structure, which interweaves two ch

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    This is the fortieth anniversary edition of an old favorite I didn t read the original, but one edtion published probably in the early eighties.It s a post apocalyptic novel set some 250 years after a nuclear war.Davy is the protagonist, writing a book from his advanced years of twenty nine, discussing his life Raised in an orphanage, not really an orph...

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