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From The BookA Strange Man In The House Turning The Corner, She Practically Barreled Into The Broad Chest Of The Man Coming Through The Kitchen Doorway He Was Carrying A Can Of Beer And A Bag Of Potato Chips There S Beer In The Refrigerator, He Said Almost Absentmindedly, Popping The Tab On The Beer His Gaze Went From The Can In His Hand To Her Face For A Fraction Of A Second It Seemed As If A Spark Of Something Flashed In His Eyes, Then He Was Edging Past Her.Jenny Watched In Stunned Amazement As He Continued Into The Living Room He Switched On The TV, Then Plopped His Large Muscular Frame Down In The Overstuffed Chair, Nudging The Footstool Closer With The Toe Of One Boot.The Sound And Picture Came On Green Acres, He Commented, Stretching His Long, Jean Clad Legs To The Stool, Crossing His Feet At The Ankles I Love Arnold He Tilted His Head Back And Took A Long Drink Of Beer, Then Opened The Bag Of Chips One Smart Pig All Jenny Could Do Was Stand In The Doorway And Try To Keep Her Mouth From Going Slack This Was Twilight Zone Material She Remembered Seeing An Episode Where A Person Could Simply Walk Through Walls And Become A Part Of Total Strangers Lives What S For Supper The Words Were Casually Tossed Over The Man S Broad Shoulder, As If He Took Her Presence For Granted, As If This Were Routine For Them Both.She Stared At The Back Of His Head Wavy, Dusty Hair Fell Almost To The Neckband Of A Blue T Shirt His Hair Color Would Probably Be Called Medium Brown, Except For The Long Sun Bleached Strands Running Through It.Jenny Finally Found Her Voice What Are You Doing Here Great He Pointed His Beer Toward The TV This Is The Episode Where Arnold Gets Amnesia, Enough Was Enough.Jenny Strode Into The Room, Flicked Off The Television And Turned To Glare At Him, Arms Crossed At Her Waist, One Hip Out, A Small Bare Foot Tapping The Floor In Front Of Her Who Are You, And What Are You Doing Here She Demanded Her Voice Came Out Loud And Angry, But Slightly Shaky.The Man Looked Up, Eyes Bland You Mean My Grandmother Didn T Explain It To You What Are You Talking About I M Lucas Tate Stella S Grandson The Bad Feeling She D Had Ever Since She D Heard His Footsteps In The House Intensified Tenfold And I Guess You Could Say I Come With The House He Paused I Live Here She Let Out A Strangled Gasp.He Popped Another Potato Chip Into His Mouth, Regarding Her As He Chewed, Assessing Her Reaction. Loving Jenny

About the Author: Theresa Weir

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Loving Jenny book, this is one of the most wanted Theresa Weir author readers around the world.

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    I really enjoyed Loving Jenny, it was really short and sweet.Lucas Tate is a really good guy, loves and takes care of his grandmother, is an over worked veterinarian and doesn t want to leave his small town, the reason he is not married.He runs into Jenny May, one of the people he thinks his grandmother has taken...

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    Anyone who is familiar with Theresa Weir s romances knows she writes about fractured characters As far as I know LOVING JENNY was her second book and one of four Silhouette s that she wrote early in her career Jenny May has a secret Something she doesn t want to share so she takes up on an offer made by a kind elderly lady she met on a recent trip She is going to move temporarily to Iowa and

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    Wonderful story from one of my favorite authors It is not as dark and angsty as her other ones I read even though it has a heroine who is struggling to overcome almost death experience of being buried alive in the earthquake Jenny, the heroine, wanted to put this experience behind and took an offer from an acutance to move to the acutance s Iowa house for a summer There she met a local veterina

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    A quiet lovely romance between a traumatized heroine and a guarded hero Although I wish it were a little longer I really enjoyed that fact that is was a quick read because you need these every once in a while.

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    Public Reviews Written by You RSS FeedShow Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 20pixelDamoclesDamoclesby S G RedlingEdition PaperbackPrice 8.971 of 1 people found the following review helpful5.0 out of 5 stars A Book You Will Re Read, March 20, 2013This review is from Damocles Paperback Customer review from theVine Program What s this One novel I had read a long time ago Contact by Carl Sagan set the standa

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    i rather liked it though it was slow, and they shared aor less platonic kind of love jenny needed therapy badly as she had been disturbed seriously she was like a frail little waif and i got really no clue what attracted...

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    Two haiku review She comes to farmhouseTo try to heal from traumaFalls for sexy vetEngrossing romanceA little too easy endBut satisfying

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    Was OK Story was good but could of beenCaracters were to vague Not enough background or depht in them.

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    3.5 stars

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    I enjoyed this romance novel on Kindle.

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