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The Lion of Justice The Death Of The Conqueror Left Three Sons To Inherit His Power And His Wealth Normandy For Robert, England For Rufus And For Henry, The Youngest, Five Thousand Pounds Of SilverThe Three Were Natural Rivals The Feckless Robert Lost His Norman Dukedom In An Orgy Of Impulsive Extravagance Red Haired Rufus Scandalized The Court With His Perverse Sexuality And Contempt For The ChurchAnd Henry Cleverest Of All Awaited His Chance To Fulfill His Father S Prophecy And Assume The Mantle Of The Lion Of Justice

About the Author: Jean Plaidy

Eleanor Alice Burford, Mrs George Percival Hibbert was a British author of about 200 historical novels, most of them under the pen name Jean Plaidy which had sold 14 million copies by the time of her death She chose to use various names because of the differences in subject matter between her books the best known, apart from Plaidy, are Victoria Holt 56 million and Philippa Carr 3 million Lesser known were the novels Hibbert published under her maiden name Eleanor Burford, or the pseudonyms of Elbur Ford, Kathleen Kellow and Ellalice Tate Many of her readers under one penname never suspected her other identities Wikipedia

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    Henry I was the youngest son of William the Conqueror and and third of the Norman line of kings He succeeded his brother William II in 1100 Henry helped unite the Normans and Saxons of EnglandFollowing the first in the Norman Trilogy by one of the most prolific authors on En

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    Moving on, life is too short for dry as dirt Plaidy.

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    Although I don t feel this second instalment in the Norman series is in the same league as the first, I do still rate it highly I think there re too many elements in The Lion of Justice , which prevents this reader at least from being absorbed by, say, two or three key themes Perhaps th

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    2.5 stars took me almost 2 weeks to read It was a fairly short book, and should have been easy to read because the tone of the writing was very middle grade or young adult in nature Because of this style of writing I was bored out of my mind and had no desire to pick up this book which was a

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    An excellent recounting of Henry I and Matilda I enjoyed their story and loved learningabout their lives A great historical fiction book.

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    Nature s takin over my one track mindBelieve it or not, you re in my heart all the timeAll the girls are sayin that you ll end up a foolFor the time being, baby, live by my rules The Lion of Justice focuses on three of William the Conqueror s sons William Rufus William II , Robert duke of Normandy , and

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    If I m going to judge this novel based on the first in the trilogy, The Bastard King, then it fell short of my expectations If I m going to judge this novel as a standalone Disappointing at best I love Plaidy but I was bored bored bored by this

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    This was a very good book It is the first Plaidy that I have read I love historical fiction, but readrecent novels I liked her style and will readof her books I will definitely read the other 2 books in this trilogy Plaidy made characters from the 1100s tangible, though I did not like the Lion himself However, she p

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    Obviously scrupulously researched for when it was written , it nonetheless has a march of historical doom quality to it, where it is clear that Plaidy is wedging in every amusing anecdote and important historical fact she can find and just kind of stringing them together Henry is a charming jerk Edith Matilda is obnoxious

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    I found this an excellent read focusing on the three children of William the Concorer, King William II and Henry I of England as well as Robert of Normandy Much of the book is about Henry s Queen Matilda who he married as she was of the Saxon Royal Family I really like Jean Plaidy s style and feel excited for the next instalmen

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