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The Winter Mantle Normandy William May Have Conquered England, But It Is A Conquest Of A Different Kind That One English Earl Has In MindFresh From His Defeat Of King Harold At The Battle Of Hastings, William Of Normandy Has Returned Home In Triumph, Accompanied By The English Nobles He Cannot Trust To Leave Behind For Waltheof Of Huntington, However, Rebellion Is Not At The Forefr

About the Author: Elizabeth Chadwick

Best selling historical novelist Elizabeth Chadwick won a Betty Trask Award for her first novel The Wild Hunt She has been shortlisted for the UK s mainstream Best Romantic Novel of the Year Award 4 times and longlisted twice Her novel The Scarlet Lion about the great William Marshal and his wife Isabelle de Clare, has been selected by Richard Lee, founder of the Historical Novel Society as one of the landmark historical novels of the last ten years When not at her desk, she can be found taking long walks with the dog, baking cakes, reading books of course exploring ruins, listening to various brands of rock and metal music, and occasionally slaving over a steaming cauldron with re enactment society Regia Anglorum.

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    The first axiom Elizabeth Chadwick s historical fictions are well researched, nicely balanced between historical details and an engaging story The way she describes scenes causes I feel I am there, like I was in a room or on the battlefield.The second axiom She creates interesting characters With strengths and shortcomings, of flesh and blood And it applies all characters, main, supporting

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    I love medieval historical fiction and this is another good one from Elizabeth Chadwick Totally believable, apart from the way both the women in the story are teenage virgins when they marry and despite having to be deflowered on their wedding nights and have the bloody sheet displayed the next morning, their warrior husbands one Saxon, one Norman are considerate and skillful lovers who bring them

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    Honestly, not Chadwick s best.

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    I m not sure what it is about Elizabeth Chadwick s work, but it never fails to mesmerize me, and transport me back in time When I purchased this book I was not aware that it was one that I had obviously had missed somewhere along the path of reading Ms Chadwick s work It was originally published in 2002 I can t imagine that I would have forgotten reading it when it was new This book follows the path of William of

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    The Winter Mantle begins in 1067 after The Conquest as Waltheof of Huntingdon and several other English nobles are kept under William s close eye in Normandy Waltheof desires William s haughty niece Judith and is torn between making his peace with William and pressing suit for her hand or participating in further rebellion against the Norman conquerors After one rebellion in the north fails, William forgives Waltheof and

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    I have read almost all of her books, and I do like how she take characters that makes you want to read .In this one we have Judith, she is the niece of William the Conqueror, and she married a Dane Englisman, Earl Waltheof We get to see those big events, and we are also on the side, which I liked You do not have to be in the middle of things to get the picture.Judith, oh she was nice and turned into a bit of a shrew Waltheof was

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    Loved the Medieval ambiance Chadwick s writing is as close as you ll get to literary time travel But the romance between Waltheof and Judith didn t do it for me I didn t believe he would be so strongly motivated by this snooty Norman girl, especially when there werecredible and potentiallyinteresting motivations for his actions e.g conflict between his vow to King William and the terrible results of the Norman conquest on his own people

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    Set in 1067, with the Norman Conquest of England still a fresh and bleeding wound, this is the story of William the Conqueror s niece, Judith, and her marriage to the English nobleman Waltheof of Huntington The story can be broken down into two parts, the first comprising of Waltheof and Judith s stormy relationship and the second part skipping forward a generation Their daughter, Matilda, marries a man from her parent s past, Simon de Senlis T

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    SoooI started out really liking Waltheof and felt the same by the end of the book Judith on the other hand started out great but as the book progressed, I disliked herandI knew from the beginning that Judith and Waltheof were not for each other but I had no idea how much of an impact the ill fated relationship would have on the story Simon and Matilda were afitting match IMO but I did find that things were a bit rushed I didn t expect the marriage to h

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    Quite bad historical fiction luckily, Elizabeth Chadwick has a quite catchy style that made me somehow finish this book despite it actually being so bad.The first issue I have is with the portrayal of women most of them are fickle, unpleasant and stressful for their husbands I was particularly grossed out by a fragment where Judith s mum, very upset by the news of her daughter s future marriage with Waltheof, was made to feel significantly better after by just

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