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Queen of the Conqueror: The Life of Matilda, Wife of William I Around The Year , William, Duke Of Normandy And Future Conqueror Of England, Raced To The Palace Of Baldwin V, Count Of Flanders The Count S Eldest Daughter, Matilda, Had Refused William S Offer Of Marriage And Publicly Denounced Him As A Bastard Encountering The Young Woman, William Furiously Dragged Her To The Ground By Her Hair And Beat Her Mercilessly Matilda S Outraged Father Immediately Took Up Arms On His Daughter S Behalf But Just A Few Days Later, Baldwin Was Aghast When Matilda, Still Recovering From The Assault, Announced That She Would Marry None But William, Since He Must Be A Man Of Great Courage And High Daring To Have Ventured To Come And Beat Me In My Own Father S Palace Thus Began The Tempestuous Marriage Of Matilda Of Flanders And William The Conqueror While William S Exploits And Triumphs Have Been Widely Chronicled, His Consort Remains Largely Overlooked Now, In Her Groundbreaking Queen Of The Conqueror, Acclaimed Author And Historian Tracy Borman Weaves Together A Comprehensive And Illuminating Tapestry Of This Noble Woman Who Stood Only Four Foot Two And Whose Role As The First Crowned Queen Of England Had A Large And Lasting Influence On The English Monarchy From A Wealth Of Historical Artifacts And Documents, Matilda Emerges As Passionate, Steadfast, And Wise, Yet Also Utterly Ruthless And Tenacious In Pursuit Of Her Goals, And The Only Person Capable Of Taming Her Formidable Husband Who, Unprecedented For The Period, Remained Staunchly Faithful To Her This Mother Of Nine, Including Four Sons Who Went On To Inherit William S French And English Dominions, Confounded The Traditional Views Of Women In Medieval Society By Seizing The Reins Of Power Whenever She Had The Chance, Directing Her Husband S Policy, And At Times Flagrantly Disobeying His Orders Tracy Borman Lays Out Matilda S Remarkable Story Against One Of The Most Fascinating And Transformative Periods In European History Stirring, Richly Detailed, And Wholly Involving, Queen Of The Conqueror Reveals Not Just An Extraordinary Figure But An Iconic Woman Who Shaped Generations, And An Era That Cast The Essential Framework For The World We Know Today

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    I was quite enjoying this a lot of research seems to have gone into it, but there are significant problems too Borman doesn t seem to have known how to be selective with her sources she repeats myths as if they re true and only then explains the dub

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    I found this book to be ultimately, a very frustrating read Part of the frustration comes from the fact that there isn t that much historians know about Matilda the records just aren t there, so a lot of the book isn t about her.But a much bigger part of the

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    Although everyone may have heard of William the Conqueror less is known about his influential wife, Matilda Tracy Borman attempts to open the windows into Matilda s life with Queen of the Conquer The Life of Matilda, Wife of William I.The life and sometimes plight of M

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    Tracy Borman chose a difficult subject for a biography, and succeeded at it remarkably well Though a significant person in the affairs of western Europe during her lifetime, concrete information on Matilda of Flanders is difficult to find and ascertain.Nonetheless, Borman builds

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    As biographies of historical figures of the eleventh century go, Tracy Borman s Matilda Queen of the Conqueror 2011 is quite good She writes historical narrative in a very colourful way that makes for easy reading.She relies heavily for her sources upon Norman and English 11th and 12th ce

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    In general this was a decent narrative biography, but the writing style left Much to be desired Regularly throughout the book, the author would write up a known historical bit as if it were a continuation in the Matilda story, comment on it, and Then announce it was from a 19th c writer or some oth

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    Tracy Borman s book about Queen Matilda William the Conqueror s wife, if you re not keeping score at home does a very good job with tracing the live of a medieval woman much better than Weir sEleanor of Aquitaine A Life , but it is also only 3 4s the length of that book , but manages to be irritating on a re

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    A biography of Matilda of Flanders is one of the things I have been hoping for, for many years Tracy Borman has written a very good book which would appeal to a wide ranging audience I highly enjoyed it.There are a few things which may surprise people for example that Judith, wife of Tostig Godwineson, may have been M

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    A very coherent, thorough biography of one of the lesser known queens of English history, Matilda of Flanders, wife of William the Conqueror A great deal is given over to the beating that he gave her when she refused his offer of marriage, the familial background of the couple, their many children and the role that Matilda play

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    Up front, I want to admit that I read this book on my Kindle If, after reading this review, you choose to purchase it, PLEASE buy a hard copy My Kindle immediately started me at the Introduction, and I therefore missed four fairly important pages of genealogy and maps that are virtually unreadable on the Kindle In reality, the book could

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