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Main Street Main Street Free Author Sinclair Lewis Firstchance10k.co.uk With Commentary By E M Forster, Dorothy Parker, H L Mencken, Lewis Mumford, Rebecca West, Sherwood Anderson, Malcolm Cowley, Alfred Kazin, Constance Rourke, And Mark Schorer Main Street, The Story Of An Idealistic Young Woman S Attempts To Reform Her Small Town, Brought Lewis Immediate Acclaim When It Was Published In 1920 It Remains One Of The Essential Texts Of The American Scene Lewis Mumford Observed In Main Street An American Had At Last Written Of Our Life With Something Of The Intellectual Rigor And Critical Detachment That Had Seemed So Cruel And Unjustified In Charles Dickens And Matthew Arnold Young People Had Grown Up In This Environment, Suffocated, Stultified, Helpless, But Unable To Find Any Reason For Their Spiritual Discomfort Mr Lewis Released Them Sinclair Lewis 1885 1951 , Was Born In Sauk Centre, Minnesota And Graduated From Yale In 1907 In 1930 He Became The First American Recipient Of The Nobel Prize In Literature Main Street 1920 Was His First Critical And Commercial Success Lewis S Other Noted Books Include Babbitt 1922 , Arrowsmith 1925 , Elmer Gantry 1927 , Dodsworth 1929 , And It Can T Happen Here 1935. This was Lewis first novel, published in 1920, and it was a huge success, both critically and commercially It made him a rich man and launched a career that would include the Nobel Prize for literature in 1930 Lewis felt that Main Street should have won the Pulitzer Prize in 1921 but was edged out by Edith Wharton s, The Age of Innocence It so incensed Lewis that when he did win it in 1925 for Arrowsmith, he refused to accept the award.Main Street was the first major novel that featured small town America, and the pu The action of this than 400 page pavement takes place before and shortly after the First World War, in a small town in Minnesota called Gopher Prairie and where one might think that Sinclair Lewis has put a lot of his native background.For his people and for Dr William Kennicott when he describes it to Carol Milford, whom he met in St Paul, Illinois, and whom he dreams of marrying, Gopher Prairie is the most beautiful city in the world Deep America A wide, deep city, cheerfully colored, carefully maintained, and populated by a small, lively, cultivated and warm world.And when Carol, now Mrs Kennicott, actually arrives in Gopher Prairie after their honeymoon in Colorado, she strives to see the city as her husband has presented it to her and as he surely sees it.But Carol is an anti conformist born, a utopian too, who imagines that good intentions, new ideas, a little youth and an immense good will will overcome the a priori, the idioms and laziness of this small town where the sidewalks that go up the high street are still in wood, as in the time of the pioneers Ready to love Gopher Prairie in spite of its ugliness, ready to sympathize sincerely with its inhabitants, it will soon realize that all this is difficult than expected, that the good intentions of some are not enough when they clash with conformism and well thought.In a tongue in cheek way that allows the reader to take the ne A bomb to blow up smugness is what one woman hopefully calls her child in Sinclair Lewis s broadside attack on mainstream America, and that s surely what this book is.I didn t know a book can be quiet and bombastic at the same time, but Lewis has written it It covers just over a decade in Carol Milford s life, as her dreams are repeatedly drowned She comes to Main Street, America, with grand plans to mean something in a dimly socialist way Main Street is having none of it.Lewis has a message It s about socialism, and it joins Steinbeck s Grapes of Wrath as one of the few socialist novels that aren t terrible And it s about accepting difference, class struggle, and than anything, feminism He s trying to create a feminist hero here He gets a little heavy handed about it at times, but just a little It s not enough to make this less than a five star book it s just enough to keep it off my top Novels Written For Grown Ups list Ishiguro s Remains of the Day is tighter.The message here has something I definitely liked this book and recommend it to others There is so much to think about it can be discussed from many different angles So what are its topics First of all, life in small towns versus life in cities This is what the book is said to be about Love is another theme It is not a soppy love story though Maturing, becoming an adult, figuring out how to live in a real world, not a world of only idealistic dreams It is about growing up, not the teen years, but the years after that Figuring out who you are and how you are going to live your life and how you are going to meld dreams with reality It is about relationships It is about women s rights and all individuals need for fulfillment And it s about appreciating culture and art and the value of beauty Yeah, it s about friendship too I guess I could keep adding to the list For me, what I liked best about the book is that opposing views are fairly portrayed You see the pluses and the minuses of both sides It comes down to this What do you do when husband and wife don t want to live in the same place Is one wrong and the other right How Classics Cleanup Challenge 11Audio 159I didn t like all of the arguing For some reason it really upset me. I was dimly aware of Sinclair Lewis but completely unfamiliar with his work when I read John Steinbeck s Travels with Charley In Search of America a couple of years ago Steinbeck, who admired Lewis, wanted to find his way from St Paul to Sauk Centre, Lewis Minnesota hometown and the town on which the fictional location of this novel, Gopher Prairie, is based He recounts his conversation with a waitress in a diner who gave him directions to the town They got a sign up I guess quite a few folks come to see it It does the town some good The diner s cook volunteered that he didn t think what s his name was there any Steinbeck recollected how negatively Sauk Centre had reacted to Lewis and to Main Street when it was published in 1920 and commented Now he s good for the town Brings in some tourists He s a good writer now The way Sauk Centre embraced Sinclair Lewis is similar to the way in which the Salinas Valley embraced Steinbeck, after its initial hugely negative reaction to the publication of The Grapes of Wrath.A reader s response to this novel and in particular to its main character will depend to a large extent on their exper Small town America Ah, the scent of pine The musty ramshackle old hardware store But what is this Something amiss in one of these romanticized burgs Something dark and sinister I never imagined something like this would happen in our town, says the half toothless talking head on the six o clock news about the murder, even though you ve seen this very thing happen in small towns 10,000 times in your life on the six o clock news Small town America is supposed to be different somehow supposed to be better Fuck small town America The real murder is not the cheerleader of Podunkville High who was raped and slain The real murder is something sinister and pervasive not even a loss of innocence, because the innocence remains dazed and confused, but always there always cluelessly upbeat, always blaming the wrong causes for its woes The real murder on Main Street America is a suicide the suicide of small town America the murder of small town America by its own hands Let the values voters of small town America s Main Street keep on shooting themselves in the foot and dragging the rest of us down with them by electing right wing corporate puppet elites who don t give a tinker s damn about them or anybody else Let the crac Sinclair Lewis explores his love and hate of small midwestern American towns as women s fiction. I read this many, many years ago and remember that I didn t like it at all Boring.

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Awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1930 for his vigorous and graphic art of description and his ability to create, with wit and humor, new types of characters His works are known for their insightful and critical views of American capitalism and materialism between the wars He is also respected for his strong characterizations of modern working women H.L Mencken wrote of him, If the

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