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Well, if that s what you call being at peace, for heaven s sake just warn me before you go to war, will you Well, Babbitt is the American idea at peace And it constitutes a warning that we should be taking seriously Either my memory is getting and nostalgic, or Sinclair Lewis nailed it over and over again, in the same frustrating way Atwood and Orwell did by seeing the ugliness before it Babbitt Is Set In The Modern 1921 Midwestern City Of Zenith George F Babbitt, A 46 Year Old Real Estate Broker, Enjoys All The Modern Conveniences Available To A Prosperous Middle Class Businessman, Yet He Is Dissatisfied With His Life When The Novel Opens, Babbitt Has Begun To Regularly Indulge In Fantasies About A Fairy Girl Who Makes Him Feel Like A Gallant Youth.Babbitt S Closest Friend Paul Riesling Is Even Dissatisfied With His Life He Is Also Vocal About It Riesling And Babbitt Try To Ameliorate Their Dissatisfaction By Taking A Vacation In Maine Together, But Their Enjoyment At Their Newfound Freedom Is Short Lived They Eventually Have To Return To Their Lives As Middle Aged Married Men Both Men Experience A Growing Impulse To Rebel Against Social Conventions. Book Circle Reads 55Rating 4 of fiveThe Publisher Says Prosperous and socially prominent, George Babbitt appears to have everything But when a personal crisis forces the middle aged real estate agent to reexamine his life, Babbitt mounts a rebellion that jeopardizes everything he values Widely considered Sinclair Lewis greatest novel, this satire remains an ever relevant tale of an individual caught in the machinery of modern life.An even better sales copy is on the Buns and Nubile edition s jacket In the small midwestern city of Zenith, George Babbitt seems to have it all a successful real estate business, a devoted wife, three children, and a house with all the modern conveniences Yet, dissatisfied and lonely, he s begun to question the conformity, consumerism, and competitiveness of his conservative, and ultimately cultureless middle class community His despairing sense that something, many things are missing from his life leads him into a flirtation with liberal politics and a fling with an attractive and seemingly bohemian w This is a love hate thing In Sinclair Lewis s previous novel Main Street there is love than hate and in Babbitt it s the other way round He does hate George Babbitt for all his boorishness, his complacency, his wretched kneejerk reactionary rightwing politics, his pallid marriage, his blaring friends, his ridiculous slang, his stupid stupidity, but by the end, by the time George has been pulled through a couple of hedges backwards, you can see he loves him a bit too This novel is about two things the horribleness of American material acquisitive claustrophobic class ridden unfettered capitalist life and George Babbitt s miserable crisis at age 46 and how he goes off the rails and gets back on them.A REGULAR GUY Of a decent man in Zenith it was required that he should belong to one, preferably two or three, of the innumerable lodges and prosperity boosting lunch clubs to the Rotarians, the Kiwanis, or the Boosters to the odd Fellows, Moose, Masons, Red Men, Woodmen, Owls, Eagles, Maccabees, Knights of Pythias It was the thing to do.This novel features several frankly overdetailed satirical descriptions of these hearty braying get togethers As we wend our way to the middle of the novel we have still not detected much of a plot, just a whole lot of fun being made of old George Eventually it dawns on him he isn t happy We are not short of tales of drab regular guys trying to bust out of their straightjacketed lives Pe Given that Babbitt was published in 1922, I expected to travel back in time and experience life of the 1920s I expected to be transported to a different era I expected to be greeted by a foreign world And, instead, I mostly felt firmly planted in modern day Yes, it is true that the language and manner of speaking is different It s by golly this and by gosh that But, the themes and all of the satire still speak to the human experience of modern day And in that way, I found the novel to be surprisingly contemporary.Sinclair Lewis takes a critical look at the life of a white middle aged man in small town America, and makes fun of just about everything one could possibly make fun of The futile one up manship The desire to fit in The attempts and failures of self control The pretentiousness The hypocrisy The lack of individual thought The intense conformity And through it all, a pervading sense of insecurity, uneasiness, and boredom Is this all that life has to offer Even though Sinclair Lewis clearl . 1930 2009 1967 2015. The Success of FailureBabbitt is perhaps the first comic novel of mid life crisis It shows Lewis at his most Dickens like, creating prototypical American characters that live on in cultural mythology The issue is this How does an imperfect male human being, knowing his flaws only too well, make his way in an equally flawed society without sacrificing either his own integrity or his ability to participate in that society Lewis answer Essentially he can t Everything is irrational compromise Plato s Socrates came to the same conclusion in the Republic It is also the inevitability posed by Camus in his letters It was the third century Christian theologian Tertullian who came up with the most precise formulation Credo quia absurdum est, I believe in it because it is absurd Babbitt s middle class American life is an absurdity That he comes to terms with this absurdity is his, and our, only hope Highly recommended as literary therapy during the reign of Donald Trump or to understand 722 Babbitt, Sinclair Lewis 1885 1951 This satire of the American social landscape created a sensation upon its 1922 publication Babbitt s name became an instant and enduring synonym for middle class complacency, and his story remains an ever relevant tale of an i

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