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Zuleika Dobson Good day I wish to speak to a Mr David, spelled with a little d From the Isle of Long It s Lon G eye land My apologies, David Long Island Ach, it s pronounced forget it I m David Young man, this is the matriculation department at Oxford University, England My name is Miss Smaller Words and I work for Mr Wearing Your Pants Too High with a Tucked In Shirt and Assistant to the Duke of Shropshire, and third cousin to the Baroness Nose Tilted Up Yeah He would like to speak with you, Mr David spelled with a little d Would you hold the line Umm, don t see no line It s an expression Would you please wait a minute Yeah Hello Mr Wearing Your Pants Too High here Do I have a Mr David with a small d on the line What is it with the line I do not see any lines Sir, it is an idiom Can you hear me, Sir Uh huh I have your application to attend our University in front of me Oh, yeah I forgot Oxford was my safety school I also applied to Ithaca, Syracuse think Jordache , and Ohio State It is so rainy where you are You need not worry about English rain, Sir I called only as ha excuse me ha, ha, ha a representative of this department, Sir Haaa.Pardon me again, Sir, but we have all looked at, Nay, studied exhaustively, your application, Sir You laughing, dude Sir, We are all former graduates and now pensioners, and we work in this department You afforded us the best It didn t take me long to realize my leg was being pulled This is a satire, a farce really, of Edwardian era life at Oxford University Beerbohm is poking fun at everyone and everything Zuleika pronounced leek, not like is a femme fatale as striking and deadly as Becky Sharp, although much naive She lays waste to the entire undergraduate population of Oxford, and at the end is looking for the train schedule to Cambridge Comedy with a touch of darkness, this novel is well w Reading Zuleika Dobson Author Max Beerbohm Nature Explore.eu One Woman S Beauty Fells The Whole Of Oxford In This Sidesplitting Classic Campus Novel.Nobody Could Predict The Consequences When Ravishing Zuleika Dobson Arrives At Oxford, To Visit Her Grandfather, The College Warden Formerly A Governess, She Has Landed On The Occupation Of Prestidigitator, And Thanks To Her Overwhelming Beauty And To A Lesser Extent Her Professional Talents She Takes The Town By Storm, Gaining Admittance To Her Grandfather S College It Is There, At The Institution Inspired By Beerbohm S Own Alma Mater, That She Falls In Love The Duke Of Dorset, Who Duly Adores Her In Return Ever Aware Of Appearances, However, Zuleika Breaks The Duke S Heart When She Decides That She Must Abandon The Match The Epidemic Of Heartache That Proceeds To Overcome The Academic Town Makes For Some Of The Best Comic Writing In The History Of English Literature. This is an oddity It was Beerbohm s only novel and is a satire of university life at Oxford in the very early twentieth century There is no need to worry about spoilers, the book does that for you very near the beginning Most of the characters are as shallow as puddles There are bursts of magic realism occasional ghosts, Greek gods and lots of style with no depth The story is about a young woman who is very beautiful she has a successful conjuring act although she is not very good at it She visits her grandfather who is warden of an Oxford college All the undergraduates fall in love with her, except one She obviously falls in love with him When he returns her love she quite obviously falls out of love with him He despairs and declares he will dies for her Eventually the whole undergraduate population all male of course commit mass suicide in the river after the rowing T Dear God that was excruciating A comic novel of sparkling wit and effervescent ya di yah, aka a painfully dated, mannered, twee, horrifyingly self satisfied period piece with about two good lines that hav Beerbohm was famous during his era for his witty, airy essays and short works of various types I believe this was his only novel.There were a number of novels about femme fatales during that era, after Benson s Dodo, and Hope s much witty and readable Dolly Dialogues and at the serious end, Henry James various lapidary, even microscopic looks at females who destroyed men s lives but this one was meant to be satire Zuleika, born poor, was an unhappy governess, ignorant and uninterested in academics, and pretty on top of it, so she seldom lasted long at any place As soon as the house s young master took a look at her, she d be sent packing but not before one son taught her conjuring.She soon was world famous for her conjuring act, and rich, but her heart was untouched She comes to visit an old relative in Oxford, and instantly falls in love with a Duke just because he scorns her as he falls in love with her because she scorns him Then all of Oxford falls in love with her, and all the young men commit suicide for love.This was apparently funny at the time It was not funny to me it was actually kind of painful, not the suicides of characters with all the depth of kleenex, but because of the Oxford depicted there It really was the old world, the Oxford Evelyn Waugh, for example, badly wan What a strange book I found it difficult to get through, despite its short length and its occasional brilliance some would, I guess, say consistent brilliance Written in an overwrought style that parodies the pomposity and bloviation of academese, yet studded with a few true gems I thought, when I read it the first time, that the line Death cancels all engagements was quoting something, but it actually appears to be a Beerbohm original , Zuleika Dobson follows the titular heroine as shewell, the only thing she really does is arrive at Oxford and drive hundreds of young men to suicide for love of her.As near as I can tell, this is a satire of and about appearances Are we what we pretend to be And if not, which is important our nature or our appearance I won t say whether ZD answers either question, but there are some great passages discussing it.One main overarching problem I had with ZD was the misogyny Probably people give Beerbohm a pass here because no character is safe from his withering satire, but I felt that Zuleika herself came out by far the worst Maybe I wouldn t have noticed this if I hadn t simultaneously been reading The Golden Notebook, but I This was different, I ll say that for it A satire of life at Oxford during the Edwardian years Way over the top characters who weren t exactly appealing A love story that was doomed from the start Quite apparent when the heroine of the tal An exquisite Edwardian oddity a sort of magic realist proto campus novel about paranoid sexual fantasy, as related by Beau Brummel or Oscar Wilde.Our eponymous heroine is a personification of feminine desirability the toast of two hemispheres , she has already, before the novel begins, ranged in triumphal nomady around the capitals of Europe Paris falls prostrate at her feet, Madrid throws a vast bullfight in her honour, the Grand Duke of Petersburg falls in love with her, and the Pope launches an ineffective Bull against her influence Now, laden with innumerable jewels and dresses, she arrives in Oxford, where her powers seem to reach new heights Soon, every undergraduate in the city is so obsessed with her that they all resolve to commit suicide in her name.Zuleika herself is a strangely insubstantial creature, described at one point as a vagrom breeze, warm and delicate, and in league with death She cares for nobody At first, thinking that arch dandy the Duke of Dorset is impervious to her charms, she falls violently in love with him but when she discovers that he, too, is crazy for her, she goes off him at once When men fight over her, instead of intervening she steps back, eyes dilating The old truism about how over interest is unattractive here finds unusually strong expression As soon as I grew used to the thought that they were going to die for me, I simply couldn t stand them Poor boys it was as much as I This is, without doubt, one of the most remarkable novels in the English language There really is nothing else like it, neither in the style in which it is hewn nor in its odd blend of gentility and pitch black satire and playful authorial first person flights of fancy And it s hardly likely that a frivolous book has ever been written so well The book is overwritten not to a fault, but to its credit The dazzling turning of the phrase is Beerbohm s great strength Every sentence is a marvel Having said that, it is definitely not for all tastes In fact, it took me three attempts to get into this book, the first being all the way back in the early 1980s when I bought it This is one you have to be ready for, or Beerbohm s meticulous, verbose style and oddly humorous conceits will stymie you.Example Whereas you or I might write He tended to not become drunk from wine like his companions, Beerbohm writes His was a head that had always hitherto defied the grape But he thought that to day, by all he had gone through, by all the shocks he ha

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Sir Henry Maximilian Max Beerbohm was an English essayist, parodist and caricaturist.

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