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The Lords' Day The Drama Of The Greatest Siege Since Troy Is Set In The House Of Lords In The Fourth Innovative Harry Jones Thriller That Breaks All The Rules The Boundaries Of Parental Love And Filial Devotion Are Explored To Their Breaking Point In This Unique And Breathtaking Thriller Once A Year, The Queen, The Prime Minister, The Cabinet, The Judges, And The Bishops, Assemble In The House Of Lords For The State Opening Of Parliament On This Day, The Lords Day, The Gathering Is Still Impressive, For Sitting Beside His Mother Is The Heir To The Throne And Up In The Galleries Are The Sons Of Both The U.S President And The British Prime Minister But They Are All About To Be Taken Hostage As The World Watches On Live Television And Holds Its Breath, President And Prime Minister Are Torn In Two Between Their Duty As Statesmen, And Their Love As Parents Harry Jones, A Man Who Is Already Undergoing The Worst Day Of His Life, Becomes Swept Up In The Maelstrom The Siege Will Lead Some To Selfless Sacrifice, Others To Lose The Respect Of Those They Love Most Dearly.

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    Having loved and laughed at the Francis Urquhart trilogy of novels, I was looking forward to this one However, it wasn t quite as good There were flashes of the humour I loved the fate of the Italian ambassador raised a chuckle and also of the insider s view of the way the British Government really works behind the scenes.The plot was one of the problems I don t want to give anything

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    Dobbs entertains the reader as a new age Jeffrey Archer, penning novels that encapsulate the intricacies of the British parliamentary system The novel opens on Lords Day, the official opening of the British parliamentary session Amid all the pomp and circumstance, former Cabinet member and military hero Harry Jones is handling some less than wonderful news in his personal life At the heigh

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    As Baron Dobbs of Wyre, the author knows from first hand experience much whereof he writes The rest with one exception has been carefully researched.A pity to say than that the basic situation is a terrorist invasion of the House of Lords on the day of the State Opening A hypothetical situation of grave danger has to be confronted But the next step merely reveals a ...

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    Consiglio vivamente la lettura di questo sagace scritto La trama strutturata in maniera impeccabile e la lettura scorre veloce ed incredibile se si pensa al tema che il libro tratta Ho letteralmente adorato la cura nel descrivere i comportamenti del ministro dell interno, perch fa luce su cosa passa per la testa, spesso, nelle menti di coloro che governano e non hanno le capacit morali per poterlo f

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    Minuziosamente descritta nella sua irrealt , tra le pagine di questo libro sembra proprio di vivere quello che accade dentro e fuori le mura della Camera dei Lord di Londra In questa Storia che vede protagonisti personaggi di spicco ed esponenti mondiali , non solo si legge di emozioni forti quali la paura , ma ci vengono aperte delle finestre su questioni socio politiche che si scatenano in questi casi.

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    This book shows why this sort of thriller is so popular with readers quite a good plot, some unsettling elements would the unthinkable happen and a monarch be blown to pieces and an insight into the political world few readers know anything about There are a few subplots in the lives of a few characters, but neither these or the writing itself are complicated enough to get in the way of a good yarn For the re

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    Melodrama central It s never a good sign when you have someone cry out because a migraine is showing nascent signs very early in the book, then a couple of pages away, Price Charles also cries out.As I said, melodrama central.

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    Interesting up to a point.drug out toward the middle lost me re situation of Harry Jones His wife s sorry story not relevant to much of anything.

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    Nothing special, I m afraid Let s see if other books from the series about Harry Jones are better.

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    Quanto tempo occorre per sventare un attacco terroristico Domanda difficile a cui rispondere Soprattutto quando sono in tante le teste pensanti coinvolte e da mettere d accordo sulla strada giusta da seguire ed efficace per raggiungere l obiettivo Il giorno dei Lord una lotta contro il tempo e conto una cerchia ristretta di persone che a modo proprio pensa di avere la soluzione pi corretta e pi conforme o meno al protocollo per

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