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Found in Blood (Nelson Kirch Series, #1) Nelson Kirch Didn T Ask To See Demons His Gift Found Him As A Young Boy, And He Grew Up Seeing A World Beyond Ours A World Of Extremes Nightmares And Wonders, Warring Constantly, But Out Of Sight To Normal People.Until They Pierced The Veil, And Normal People Began To Die The Only Clues Left Behind Were Strange Symbols Burned Into Their Flesh.Now An Exorcist, Nelson Is Called In To Assist With The Investigation The Journey Brings Him Face To Face With Mistakes From His Past, And An Ancient Pact That Threatens To Bring Unseen Horrors Into Our World.

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    Found in Blood by Maurice Lawless, is the fast paced introduction to Nelson Kirch s world His gift or is it a curse really, it depends on the day gives him a view of reality that few others have and fewer still w...

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    I do not normally read horror stories, but when I was given the chance to read review this story by Maurice, I seized the opportunity to read my first horror story This was an amazing story, full of great details, I was hooked from the very beginning I look forward to readingboo...

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    This novel is not my typical taste, but I thought it was an intriguing read I loved the dark and light themes and the redemption opportunities for certain characters There was just enough contemporary wit and religious historical good vs evil drama to please most adult audiences.

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