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Leviathan, or The Matter, Forme and Power of a Common Wealth Ecclesiasticall and Civil Epub Leviathan, Or The Matter, Forme And Power Of A Common Wealth Ecclesiasticall And Civil By Thomas Hobbes Ls17.eu Hobbes S Leviathan Is One Of The Most Important Philosophical Texts In The English Language, And One Of The Most Influential Works Of Political Philosophy Ever Written This Is The First Critical Edition Based On A Full Study Of The Manuscript And Printing History It Is Also The First Edition To Place The English Text Side By Side With Hobbes S Later Latin Version Of It, Complete With A Set Of Notes In Which The Many Passages That Differ In The Latin Are Translated Into English So, For The First Time, Readers Of Leviathan Will Be Able To See Every Stage Of The Development Of The Text At A Single Glance Both Texts Are Fully Annotated With Explanatory Notes The Editor S Introduction, Which Takes Up The Whole Of The First Volume, Gives A Path Breaking Account Of The Work S Context, Sources, And Textual History This Definitive Edition Will Set The Study Of Hobbes S Masterwork On A New Basis. Both the conclusions and methodology of Leviathan are shocking to the modern reader Writing in the seventeenth century, Hobbes attacked medieval political philosophy and religion However, unlike the enlightenment philosophers he did not base his arguments on the classical authors of Greece and Rome Instead he made it clear that he considered them to be as much in the wrong as the medieval scholastics Thus starting from zero, Hobbes then developed the doctrine that every nation or commonwealth requires a undivided sovereign To the contemporary reader, Hobbes seems to be arguing that we would all be best living in a totalitarian regime.In Hobbes view men are evil wishing by instinct to dominate and exploit their fellow men Hence every commonwealth needs to be ruled by a strong sovereign to protect the members of the commonwealth from each other The sovereign can be a single person, an aristocracy or a democracy The single person system is best as it allows the most complete concentration of power For Hobbes a king and a tyrant are the same thing Thus the Greeks and Romans of the classical era were wrong to praise tyrannicide and condemn regicide Both were equally wrong The crime of the long parliament was not that it executed Charles I, the divinely chosen King of England, but that it killed the sovereign and ensured that civil war would resume in England Cromwell s great virtue was that he ended the war and protected the English population The supremet good fo PrefaceA Scheme of ReferenceIntroductionA Note on the TextSelect BibliographyChronology Leviathan, or The Matter, Forme, Power of a Common Wealth Ecclesiasticall and Civill Explanatory NotesIndex of Subjects T rkiye Bankas Yay nlar n n Thomas Hobbes biyografisini okuduktan sonra okudu um i in nl d n r n felsefesini anlamakta zorluk ekmeden okudu um Leviathan , zellikle nsan zerine ve Devlet zerine olan ilk iki b l m yle neden okunmas gereken felsefi ba yap tlar aras nda oldu unu ortaya koyuyor zg r irade olmad n n alt n izen Hobbes, iradenin zg r oldu unu vurgularken devlet kurumu olmadan insanlar n yarat l lar itibariyle kontrol alt na al namad n etkileyici bir ekilde okuyucuya sunuyor nsanlar n zg rl klerinden vazge meleriyle ancak bar n ve huzurun sa lanaca n belirten Leviathan , Platoncu monar ik bir devlet anlay n desteklerken, Aristoteles i skolastik felsefeyi a r bir dille ele tiriyor Do al yerine devlet ve yasa gibi yapay olu umlar tercih eden Hobbes un Tanr ve dini kavramlar maddesel bir zemine yerle tirerek inan kavram nda r a mas da yazar zel k lan unsurlardan Yazd klar yla yozla m katolik kilisenin otoristesini reddederek . . . A Monster of a Book12 Oct 2017 Woah, after three weeks I have finally managed to finish the behemoth of a book which, ironically, Hobbes also wrote a book with that name and I can now move onto something much lighter Anyway, there was a time, when I was younger, when I was dreaming of one day getting married, having children, while becoming a hot shot lawyer is it possible to actually do those two things that I wanted to read this to my proposed child while he or she was still a baby Mind you, I suggested this to one of my Christian friends, who proceeded to have a heart attack claiming that it was a humanist text similar to the writings of David Hume Mind you, this particular person is now a lecturer in English Literature at Harvard University so I am still wondering why she was hugely shocked at this idea Maybe it had something to do with wanting to read it to a baby Anyway, this is apparently the book that laid the foundation for political science as we know it today, though I am sort of scratching my head at this suggestion First of all people have been writing about politics since people first tossed out their unelected kings and began to argue as to Since some reviewers here seem to rate this work unfairly low because of their disagreements, ignoring both the importance of Leviathan and the basic power of the argument Hobbes forwards in it, I ll refer a couple of good, measured reviews with history and backdrop also found here I planned to adapt an essay I wrote at university on Hobbes and Leviathan with comparisons against Locke, Rousseau and others to serve as a review, but it s rather unwieldy and a few of its less esoteric and elaborate points have been made very well and succinctly in some of the accounts above.Hobbes is the most influential figure in political thinking when it comes to what might broadly be called pessimistic philosophy contra Leibniz , and in this sense he makes an excellent, formal and treatise like accompaniment to the works of Voltaire whose philosophical tales especially are, beyond the characteristic wit on display, also immensely enjoyable Kafka, and to certain personal extent Beckett, are also commendable reads He doesn t so much set out a modus operandi for a ruler as the Arthshastra or The Prince attempt to do, but tries to justify the power to be accorded a ruler, basically obliterating some of the open concerns a stat Hobbes s Leviathan appears draconian to most Americans who ascribe to classical liberal values Their rejection of his social contract coincides with an optimistic Lockean faith in the capabilities and moral fortitude necessary for negative liberties to survive This na vet in political legitimacy is analogous to the popularity of the New Testament compared to the Old because, while both texts share equal moral instruction, we fervently prefer a loving and forgiving God to a brutal taskmaster Hobbesian pessimism in human nature is a cold bucket of water tempering our enthusiastic assumption of a free polis because it demonstrates how democratic freedom is contingent upon the behavior everyone demonstrates.My political science professor s ad hominem disparagement of Hobbes as paranoid and neurotic was troubling, given that Hobbes s support for a Leviathan with absolute sovereignty remains a soberly empirical definition of power and fundamental governmental purpose Fear of death is the primary motivation for our surrender to political authority A government s legitimacy

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Thomas Hobbes was a British philosopher and a seminal thinker of modern political philosophy His ideas were marked by a mechanistic materialist foundation, a characterization of human nature based on greed and fear of death, and support for an absolute monarchical form of government His 1651 book Leviathan established the foundation for most of Western political philosophy from the perspective o

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