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Hildegard of Bingens Spiritual Remedies Synthesizes The Holistic Wisdom Of Hildegard Of Bingen To Offer The Modern Reader Her Spiritual And Psychological Healing Principles Takes A Holistic View Of Psychological Or Spiritual Illness And Its Physical Repercussions Shows How To Incorporate Healing Words Into Thoughts In Order To Prevent Negative Energy Companion Volume To Hildegard Of Bingen S Medicine, A Collection Of Remedies For Physical Ailments 30,000 Sold A 12th Century Mystic, Visionary, And Healer, Hildegard Of Bingen Recognized What The Holistic Health Movement Has Only Recently Restored To Our Consciousness That Full Health Can Only Be Experienced In A State Of Spiritual Balance Psychological Trauma, Emotional Distress, And Other Maladies Of The Soul Often Lead To Illness And Chronic Diseases Healing The Body Begins With The Self Healing Of The Spirit Dr Wighard Strehlow Explains The Natural Methods Used By Hildegard Of Bingen To Treat Weaknesses Of The Soul Problems That Are Today Treated By Drugs Such As Prozac Based On His Clinical Work With This Effective Energetic Medicine For Than 20 Years, Dr Strehlow Gives Readers A Complete Program For A Lifestyle Of Spiritual Fitness His Practical Suggestions Are Based On The Integration Of 35 Spiritual Forces Of The Human Soul In Order To Cure The Soul Within, Which He Synthesized From Five Of Hildegard S Books On Spiritual And Psychological Healing Principles He Suggests That The Recovery Of Hildegard S Insights Into Cultivating The Health Of Body And Spirit May Even Provide Solutions To The Challenges Currently Frustrating Western Medical Science.

About the Author: Wighard Strehlow

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Hildegard of Bingens Spiritual Remedies book, this is one of the most wanted Wighard Strehlow author readers around the world.

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    There s very little spiritual healing in this book It s mainly crystal healing Lots of stuff about humours and bloodletting Angels who are your friends can heal you I was hoping for old spiritual advice and remedies for mental illness What the book mainly is, when it s not being otherwise bizarre, is a list of 35 pairs of vices and virtues which are linked to your vertebrae plus your skull, b

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    Wow, swallowing gold or silver is a remedy Gems to heal How seemingly Eastern Hildegard was in her healing techniques There is a spa in Germany that uses them A little too hard to apply for most of us, but great to see her genius She is my confirmation saint name.

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