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Madly in Love with ME Epub Madly In Love With ME By Christine Arylo Bystricepodhostynem.eu Most Of Us Know That Loving Ourselves Would Be A Good Idea, But We Have No Clue What That Really Means Self Love Feels Too Vast, Too Esoteric, And Frankly Like Something You Should Keep Under Wraps.This Breakthrough Book On Self Love Changes All That By Taking You Beyond The Idea Of Loving, Valuing, And Caring For Yourself Into Daring Acts That Will Help You Experience It Christine Arylo Provides Practical, Fun Ways To Explore And Embody The Ten Branches Of Self Love Every Day And In Every Part Of Your Life Reading This Book Is Like Receiving Permission To Treat Yourself As A Best Friend Would Imagine Having The Power To Give To Yourself First, Without Guilt Shower Yourself With Loving Words Instead Of Criticism And Comparison Go For Your Dreams With Conviction And Courage Choose The Situations And Relationships That Make You Happiest Discover And Explore Your Deepest Thoughts And Desires And Act On Them

10 thoughts on “Madly in Love with ME

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    AwesomeAwesomeThis was a great book I feel inspired and open to new things I really had not given self love much thought, but after reading the book and doing the activities, I saw myself grow GreAt read

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    I m so torn over rating this book On the one hand I think it s a load of hippy sprouting nonsense riding on the coat tails of the excellent Me Before We But that sounds so harsh and to be fair, although that s my experience of it, I can see that there ar

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    4,5 I use my 5 sparingly but this one is close, a definite reread This book is for you if you treat your best friend better than you treat yourself.The title resonated with me because for once your love for self was not being perpetually compared to romantic love

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    Its great information to have, but tends to be repetitive It took me far too long to finish I almost gave up a few times

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    This is another Awesome book from Christine Arylo.

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    I was stoked to read this book, but to be honest it was meh I lost interest early on because the author just seems to over explain whatever point she tried to get across By the time I got to part two I was reading only the first sentence to each p...

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    Great readEasy and fun read I tried many of the exercises she suggests and I could really feel a difference My confidence is stronger and I definitely love myself a lotnow than I did before reading this book I loved the tree analogy It helped me to see the areas of my life that need improvement.

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    The majority of the book has thought provoking content and helped me to understand myself a bitAlthough I feel like with the added chapter of advertising the 40 day practices that the book isn t well rounded and made me feel like i was missing out The ...

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    I really liked the premise of this book I m a big believer that we should all love ourselves as we do others, but this wasn t for me Maybe I ve already gone a bit too far down that path but I found this to be quite gimicky and a bit wishy washy, particularly the dares and love baths ...

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    Silly book that wasn t even entertaining.

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