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Doctor Who What Links A Disintegrating Spaceship To A Posh Garden Party, Where A Wealthy Couple Are Celebrating Their Love For Each Other In Style Gatecrashers The Doctor And Lucie Think They Know The Answer But They Re Not The Only Uninvited Guests Ferocious Alien Warriors Riding Pterodactyl Like Vortisaurs Are About To Make Their Entrance Featuring The Song Bucimeana Sung By Julia McKenzie With Music By Tim Sutton And Lyrics By Paul Sutton From A Traditional Hungarian Poem

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    It s clever, but maybe a little too much for its own good The focus ends upon the tricky storytelling to the detriment of the characters.

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    A short one, this seemed like Decent, but nothing amazing Worth it for the set up for another story at the end.

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    In a strong season of new Eighth Doctor Adventures, No More Lies stands out as something of a weak link.As with all of the plays in this season, the casting is very good with Julia McKenzie shining in the role of Rachel Zimmerman while Nigel Havers is solid as Nick Zimmerman, though he is muchsuited to playing the older,genteel version of Zimmerman than the

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    Easily the weakest of the first season of the Big Finish 8th Doctor adventures, this is really rather confused The story starts in media res on a doomed spaceship, and it s never terribly clear how we got there, or, indeed, much of what s going on This is interspersed with scenes at a garden party the connection between the two presumably being intended as a rath

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    I listened to the first season and half of The Eight Doctor Lucie Miller incredibly close together and back to back, so all of them are going to end up with the same review for the moment while I m fixing up my forgotten rec s and clearing out my Currently Reading Folder which shouldn t be 40 books, it should be somewhere relatively close to right under ten I have lov

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    A decent, if not inspiring tale I had a feeling that I was missing a plot point at the beginning, possibly because I don t remember the story just before this one.I m probably one of the few who doesn t like Lucie Miller as a companion She screeches too much She reminds me of early Donna Noble, but while I grew to like Donna, I can t get used to Lucie There is something ab

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    This starts out really confusing The first time or two I listened to it, I didn t care for it much But after a couplelistens, it grew on me It s actually a really original and interesting idea for a story with some legit emotion to it You don t generally get baddies ...

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    I may be unfair to No More Lies but I didn t think it worked at all Suddenly the Doctor and Lucie are chasing time travelling wrongdoers where did that come from And where did the timeloop they get inserted into come from And it s kinda cute to bring back the Vortisaurs from the first B...

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    I was really confussed at the begining of this I missed number 5 and felt like I was coming in half way through the story But I ended up liking the plot, normally time loops are kind of frustrating but this one was sweet and there was no repition and there were interesting blends o...

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    At the beginning I found this was a little hard to follow, but it got better as it moved along I was happy to see a littleprogress on the headhunter arc, but could have easily skipped this book.

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