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A Democracy at War: America's Fight at Home and Abroad in World War II A Democracy At War America S Fight At Home And Abroad In World War II Read Author William L ONeill Undercostruction.eu As America Fought To Defend Democratic Ideals In Europe And Asia During World War II, Our Own Democratic Politics At Home Paradoxically Created A Far Less Than Efficient War Effort On Both Civilian And Military Fronts While America S Glorious Triumphs In World War II Are Well Known, The Story Of Our Country S Failure To Swiftly And Effectively Mobilize And Energize Our War Machine Is Yet To Be Fully Told Now, In A Broad Ranged Domestic, Military, And Diplomatic History, William O Neill Tells The Story Of America S Strengths And Its Weaknesses In Fighting The Good War The United States Won Its Victory In World War II Not, As Legend Has It, Because Of Superior Numbers And Material Predominance Reluctant Even To Enter The War, The American Government Proceeded By Costly Half Measures Even After Committing To Fight Official Reticence And Bureaucratic Bungling Led To Inferior And Defective Weapons, Too Few Infantrymen, The Squandering Of GI S Lives In Strategically Useless Attacks, And Other Tragic Mistakes The Sherman Tank Was A Deathtrap And The Torpedoes Of American Submarines Routinely Malfunctioned Afraid To Alarm Voters, Congress Failed To Act On Many Issues, Such As The Decision To Increase Military Spending Before The War, Which Could Have Brought The Conflict To A Faster End, With Less Bloodshed O Neill Traces Much Of The Official Bungling To Domestic Politics And Paradoxically To The Democratic Process Itself, Which Limited Roosevelt S Flexibility In Wartime Yet, Despite These Obstacles, The Blood And Valor Of The Men Who Fought And The Strength And Struggles Of Those Who Remained At Home Made Up For An Overly Cautious And Ambivalent Democratic Leadership William O Neillbrings This War Generation To Life To Tell The Story Of The Country Which Had Long Seemed Willing To Ignore The World But Ultimately Roused Itself To Defend It.

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    A Democracy at War is a generally positive history of the United State s involvement in the Second World War O Neill describes both the events at home and the fighting He is most critical of how the United States ended up at war with Japan, as he is of the opinion that the basic issue, Japanese int

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