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Captain Trips Reading Captain Trips Sandy Troy Avid Dead Fan And Chronicler Sandy Troy Probes Jerry Garcia S Personal And Professional Life Through Childhood And Adolescence, Summer Of Love Acid Tests, Drug Busts, Three Marriages, A Brush With Death, And His Comeback Troy Also Traces The Dead S Highs And Lows And Garcia S Musical Relationships With Songwriter Robert Hunter And Other Musicians In The Grateful Dead.

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    I am really into a Grateful Dead re discovery these days, having spent 5 months commuting from L.A to the Bay Area weekly for a job Lots of time to go through the CD collection I would bring a couple of handfuls of discs to keep me company on the drive Somehow I fell into a Grateful Dead re appreciation and thoroughly enjoyed that.So I was interest

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    Captain Trips A biography of Jerry Garcia by Sandy Troy gives a full, complete lifeline of Jerry Garcia Troy has this ability, that captivates her reader It almost sucks you into a vortex, spitting you out right in the midst of the 70 s In comparison to Garcia An American Life by Blair Jackson, Captain Trips leaves it dead in the water Garcia An American Lif

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    An older book by a long time fan of Garcia and the Dead It wasn t a really interesting read many times it seemed like a long list of the various musician configurations that Garcia played with a lot of names dropped of sidemen in each grouping The early book up to the mid 1960s was the best part the latter part seemed like a long Dead inspired improvisation on a theme

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    Refreshing, in that this was written when JG was still alive So, a somewhat light weight tho often insightful portrait of a man with both comedy tragedy in his life, who grew up to do what he loved most in the world play the guitar with other intelligent creative musicians in fr...

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    didn t love it but then again I read it when I hated reading and probably wasn t very good at it still not, by the way I ve debated picking it up and reading it again, but haven t had the courage yet.

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    Captain Trips a Biography of Jerry Garcia by Sandy Troy Thunder s Mouth Press 1995 Biography Another Deadhead s take on the great Jerry G Lord, we miss him My rating 7 10, finished 2011.

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    Quick, fun, positive read The author seemed to have good insight into the early years which is what interests me the most about Jerry The book was published in 1994 so it s obviously way outdated since Jerry was still alive at the time.

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    If you like the Dead, this is a fair and fun read.

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    I chose 5 stars because it is a very detailed look at Jerry s life and what he accomplished during it It s probably the best biography I ve read.

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    This was an awesome book and provided a lot of information not only about Jerry Garcia but also his band The Grateful Dead.

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