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Agesilaus/Anabasis KINDLE Agesilaus Anabasis By Xenophon Varunahuja.live Xenophon The Athenian Was Born 431 BCE He Was A Pupil Of Socrates He Marched With The Spartans Was Exiled From Athens Sparta Gave Him Land Property In Scillus, Where He Lived For Many Years Before Having To Move Once , To Settle In Corinth He Died In 354 The Agesilaus Summarises The Life Of His Spartan Friend King, Whom He Met After The Events Of The Anabasis The Anabasis Is His Story Of The March To Persia To Aid Cyrus, Who Enlisted Greek Help To Try Take The Throne From Artaxerxes, The Ensuing Return Of The Greeks, In Which Xenophon Played A Leading Role This Occurred Between 401 3 399 BCE.

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    I really liked it DUH that s why I gave it 4 stars This book is a detailed first hand account of n episode in the history of the ancient world, featuring Greeks, Persians and a supporting cast of Thracians, Egyptians, Kurds, Armenians, and various An

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    I got lost a few times with the amount of names of people and places, but apart from that the book is a great resource of knowledge about military traditions of ancient Greece and Persia and a great success story of loyalty, adaptability to ...

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    In 2013, traveling overland from Southern Iran to the Black Sea would be difficult These guys did it 2,500 years ago The values of courage, adaptability, and loyalty remain useful for anyone facing challenges.

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    I felt like I was reading an ancient chronicle of Rome Total War.

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    Nice readable translation Good story, too, of course.

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    It is very rare to find a firsthand account from antiquity, so every phrase is a precious gem for a historian On top of that, it tells an exciting story of survival.

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