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Hog Music Download Hog Music Author M.C Helldorfer Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk A Touching And Funny Tale About Lucy And Her Family S Journey West To A New Life In Illinois Great Aunt Liza Is Sending Lucy A Birthday Gift In A Wooden Box But When She Gives It To Her Friend To Take West To Lucy By Mail Coach, The Adventure Begins The Box Eventually Makes Its Way Out West But Not Before Passing Through The Hands Of Many Unusual Characters Who All Contribute Something Unique To The Box.

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    Hog Music is a story that takes place in the early 19th century The author s inspirations for this story were memoirs and letters from women describing their experiences traveling the National Public Road In the story, Lucy and her parents travel to Illinois in their Conestoga wagon to set up a new home a

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    A humorous historical tale about a gift that passes through many hands before meeting its intended recipient Veg n parents note The National Road was used for many purposes, including the driving of animals to slaughter This story includes a pig farmer who is herding his pigs to market.

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    funny, silly, and touching all at the same time.

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    This book is about the travels that a package takes when Aunt Liza mails it to Lucy The box travels from person to person along the wagon trail Each person adds their own little gift to the box that originally started off with just a straw hat Lucy missed her Aunt and when she got the gift, she wrote a letter to her Aunt to thank her

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    This picture book is great in representing how life during the nineteenth century developed A young girl, Lucy, and her family travel from Maryland to Illinois Along the way, we encounter several travelers moving west along what becomes the National Road that assist in delivering a special gift to Lucy for her birthday from her great Aunt Liza

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    I would use this book in my future classroom because it is a great example of historical fiction It teaches its readers about the way mail use to be delivered to people I think the storyline is really cute and the characters are relate able to it...

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    A story about the old roads and the way we used to get things to each other I love that everyone in the story is so ready to get the package to the right person I love that they all add their own piece of themselves This ro...

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    I enjoyed this story as much as the kids did Set in horse carriage days, a little girl moves away from her aunt Her aunt sends a bday present, and the present has such an adventure along the way The illustrations are WONDERFUL Very realistic animals, and the ba...

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    We may complain about the mail but sending a birthday gift some distance away early in the 19th century took some doing The adventures of this gift along the National Public Road, prompted the giver to enjoy similar adventures for herself.

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    I met the author at a Passover Seder I liked the story great aunt places a gift inside hat box for great niece, the package does not have an easy trip to Illinois but other things get added to it.

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