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The Love Wins Companion The Love Wins Companion Free Author Rob Bell Bassgrotto.co.uk For Anyone Who Wants To Delve Deeper Into Rob Bell S Bestselling Love Wins, The Expansive And Accessible Love Wins Companion Offers Scholarly Support And Critiques, Resources For Individuals, Groups, And Classes, And Brand New Material By Rob Bell Himself As Love Wins Continues To Become A Touchstone For Thousands Of Readers Worldwide, Controversy Surrounds The Book S Arguments Author Brian D McClaren Wrote That With Love Wins Thousands Of Readers Will Find Freedom And Hope And A New Way Of Understanding The Biblical Story, Yet USA Today Observed That Bell Has Stuck A Pitchfork In How Christians Talk About Damnation Here, In The Love Wins Companion, Rob Bell Offers Commentary On The Positive And Negative Attention His Groundbreaking Book Is Receiving, Delivering A Crucial Supplement To One Of The Most Talked About Books In Recent Memory.

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    I was so very excited when Love Wins first came out, so needless to say, when I saw this companion I was equally excited for the chance to go deeper into the ideas presented in Rob Bell s previous book My theology may differ in some ways from the author, but it s always very refreshing, for me, to find other Christians equally willing to express views different from the

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    I found this book extremely helpful in interacting with Love Wins, and I hope to work through this with a group in my church very soon I think it opens up doors to great conversations I first read Love Wins in the midst of the controversy that surrounded the book As a bit of a Bell fan, I found myself looking for the heresy rather than reading the book for its content Thi

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    I was pretty underwhelmed with this I suppose I was expectingthan it offered My main complaint with Rob Bell s Love Wins was that it lacked a bibliography, so my assumption was that this study guide would provide that It didn t However, it did provide a lotScriptural references than the original volume did, which I appreciated, but it did not give us much in terms of point

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    I don t really understand the controversy I absolutely do not see him advocating for universalism or some kind of watered down gospel As a devotional, it s an inspiring piece that gives youhope for what God can do in the world If you are reading it to get some kind of philosophical or theological treatise, you are reading the wrong book.B...

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    I love that this is 3X longer than the actual book Aspects are very helpful for cultivating conversation I am especially hopeful for anyone who may have read Love Wins, wants , and discovered this companion This will be extremely helpful to them as they, maybe for the first time, work through some big questions This is a wonderful discussion guide I recommend it, if not for

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    While this provided helpful questions to engage a discussion group, I found some of the helpful essays decidedly unhelpful The one which deeply troubled me was the over the top bigoted and racist depiction of a god like character, Uncle Ben.

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    Lots of extra essays by Rob bell and other authors like Oswald Chambers, NT Wright, Peter Rollins, Pope Benedict XVI, Donald Miller, etc Also has study questions that you can do on your own or in a group.

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    Would make a good study guide for a small group.

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    Great book to read after reading Love Wins by Rob Bell It definitely goes intodetail, and has some great discussion points if you want to use it for a bible study Definitely recommend

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    Great read Lots of short stories from lots of different people.

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