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Dancing with Siva Reading Dancing With Siva Author Sivaya Subramuniyaswami Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Every Spiritually Inclined Human Being Will Be Enriched By The Path Revealed In This Extraordinary Book India S Tolerant And Diverse Vision Of The Divine Is All Here Meditative, Devotional, Philosophical, Scriptural And Yogic.

10 thoughts on “Dancing with Siva

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    Other than the fact that some of the hindi words are two miles long with no vowels, it was very spiritually awakining

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    So far I am mesmerized by this text It is intended to be informative but also devotional, so it is not a detached history of Hinduism textbook A friend who is a practicing Hindu lent it to me But I feel like a newborn I am overwhelmed by a w

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    My recent visit to the Sri Sri Radha Krsna Lotus temple in Spanish Fork, UT invoked my spirituality I used to live the Krsna Conscious lifestyle as a teenager early twenties but got distracted by the material world but I am trying liveaware of my spir

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    very good resource w so much information.

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    This was a little good introduction to Shaivite Hinduism Shaivism I having been influenced by Vaishnavism, found this book a gem in conveying Shaiva philosophy and why people come to Lord Shiva as Supreme God Shaivism is a very beautiful and o...

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    A clear, concise introduction to Shaiva Hinduism, as well as Hinduism in general Gurudeva, as Sivaya Subramuniyaswami is referred to by his followers, has a very easy to follow writing style and explained a plethora of...

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    best book on hindusim

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    Wasn t sure what to expect It offers daily readings meditations teachings and explains the very basics of Hinduism I was hoping forpractical information on daily rituals Still exploring it, tho.

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    I find that much of religious literature describing the tenants of Hinduism confusing Not this book It takes the reader through a clear and concise journey through the complex believe systems of Hinduism.

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    A very heavy read, parts of it I cant keep up with, didnt complete it

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