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El Diario del Che en Bolivia = Diary of Che in Bolivia PDF Epub El Diario Del Che En Bolivia Diary Of Che In Bolivia Author Siglo Natus Physiotherapy.co.uk Al Publicar Este Documento Hist Rico, El Comandante Fidel Castro Termina El Pr Logo Del Libro Con Estas Palabras La Forma En Que Lleg A Nuestras Manos Este Diario No Puede Ser Ahora Divulgada Basta Decir Que Fue Sin Mediar Remuneraci N Econ Mica Alguna Contiene Todas Las Notas Que Escribi Desde El 7 De Noviembre De 1966, D A En Que El Che Lleg A Acahuas , Hasta El 7 De Octubre De 1967, V Speras Del Combate De La Quebrada Del Yuro Aunque El Documento Por S Mismo No Ofrec A La Menor Duda De Su Autenticidad, Todas Las Copias Fotost Ticas Fueron Sometidas A Un Riguroso Examen A Fin De Comprobar No S Lo Dicha Autenticidad Sino Incluso Cualquier Posible Alteraci N, Por Peque A Que Fuese Los Datos Fueron Adem S Cotejados Con El Diario De Uno De Los Guerrilleros Sobrevivientes, Coincidiendo Ambos Documentos En Todos Los Aspectos El Testimonio Pormenorizado De Los Dem S Guerrillero Sobrevivientes Que Fueron Testigos De Cada Uno De Los Acontecimientos Contribuy Asimismo A La Comprobaci N Se Lleg A La M S Absoluta Certeza De Que Todas Las Fotograf As Eran Copia Fiel Del Diario Del Che Constituy Una Fatigosa Tarea Desentra Ar La Letra Peque A Y Dif Cil De La Escritura, Lo Que Se Realiz Con La Participaci N Laboriosa De Su Compa Era Aleida March De Guevara Hasta La Victoria Siempre Fidel Castro.

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    Che Guevara waasthan just an icon on a T shirt, in his time he was a real revolutionary who played a key part in the Cuban revolution and was aiming to overthrow South American dictatorships to free the people.This book is a translation of the diary that he wrote when he was in Bolivia with a small team of revolutionaries It is written with daily notes and r

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    An introduction from Fidel Castro and the final diary of a figure like Guevara It would qualify as worth a read on the back of that alone.The accompanying notes are very helpful as a Who s Who as you read through I found myself referring to it frequently to keep on top of this If you re looking to learn about the Guevara s history, there will be better books to start

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    Its amazing to be able to read a diary and be able to actually put yourself there at that very time, especially in the jungle Though Che has a large ego, his intentions were sincere, and Nelson Mandela once called him a hero for anyone who truly values freedom It was interesting to note that Che was the leader from the start, though hailing from Argentina, having success in Cub

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    The diaries give a facinating picture into the unromantic life of a guerilla freedom fighter, but it also shows some of the diffriculties, in training, supplying and administering a guerilla army in a fight for freedom in the jungles of South America It was very sad to be reading this diary knowing that Che would never be allowed to finish his work because the CIA led Bolivian army merce

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    Do not read the intro by Fidel Castro unless you want to get killed by war cries against antirevolutionaries and pure propaganda I did read it Cost me a headache It s hard to say what do I think about this book It s not really a book It s a diary I took it with hope to find some ideas, some ideals and to make a better picture of Che, without the propaganda and his icons I didn t Well, it s just an

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    Hadn t read any material on Che or had a personal opinion about the man before reading excerpts from his journals I can only dream to have an ounce of the passion he had in the face of injustice and oppression.A few bits that stood out while reading. This might have been the first time I was faced literally, with the dilemma of choosing between my devotion to medicine and my duty as a revolutionary soldier There at m

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