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Daily Telegraph Book of Obituaries KINDLE Daily Telegraph Book Of Obituaries Author Hugh Montgomery Massingberd Rarefishingbooks.co.uk This Title Gathers Together Some Of The, Often Amusing, Obituaries That Have Appeared In The Daily Telegraph.

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    Eccentric does not mean weird The definition speaks of being outside established and agreed group standards of normality It sa case of standing out from the crowd or maybe nowadays standing out from the cloud Extremely interesting, compulsive, would be other epithets Social groups operate under the normality defined b

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    I don t like death, but I do like obituaries, when they re well written celebrations of well lived or interesting lives Unfortunately, this collection from The Daily Telegraph falls well short of that standard The book, which is subtitled A Celebration of Eccentric Lives , for the most part consists of celebrations of titled fo

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    An appreciation for the British sense of humour is essential to the enjoyment of this book As the editor notes, Understatement is the golden rule These obits are proof positive that people s lives are almost always fascinating and curious, each in its own way, and that wit has a place in mourning the passing of the not s0 famous as well

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    This collection of the lives of memorable individuals was often entertaining and never morbid As an American I didn t understand all of the terminology and abbreviations, but it didn t detract from my enjoyment And while I wishedthan a few times that I d known some of these characters personally, all in all it felt too long, like too many obits we

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    I m a fan of colorful obituaries, but as another reviewer commented, despite the book s subtitle, A celebration of eccentric lives, the lives chronicled here weren t quite eccentric enough for me These obits are fro...

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    I am a big fan of obituaries and I m not really sure why I was disappointed in this book The subjects are mostly British eccentrics whose obituaries appeared in the Daily Telegraph There are at least 3volumes in the series and maybe th...

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