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Best Enemies This book was a fun read, but there were far too many typos I received this book through Goodreads First Reads. KINDLE Best Enemies By Lynn Emery Capitalsoftworks.co.uk What Do A Dead, Cheating Ex Husband, His Mouthy Pregnant Mistress And A Stripper Have In Common They Re All Members Of Willa Crown S Patched Together Family, And They Re Getting On Her Last Nerve When Willa S Almost Ex Husband, Jack Crown, Is Murdered, She Is Shocked To Learn That He Made Her Executor Of His Estate Willa Discovers That Jack Was Involved In A Business Deal With A Gang, And They Want Their Missing Drug Money More Bad News Willa S Stripper Sister And Son Were Somehow Mixed Up With The Same Gang When Willa S Son Becomes A Suspect In Jack S Murder, She Must Find Out The Truth To Prove He Didn T Kill His Stepfather Jack S Mistress And Willa S Sister Decide To Help Her Fight For Truth, Justice And To Track Down All That Sweet Cash, Of Course.Three Sharp Ladies Will Catch A Murderer, If They Don T Kill Each Other First It was a good book I liked it a lot It was a well written book I liked the variety of characters in it. This was my introduction to this author and I must say that I am hooked I will definitely read the next two books in the series I really enjoyed the main character and how she was written and I also enjoyed the family dynamic t I got this book through Good Reads The book was full of strong and interesting female characters who fought for those they love. Not bad Not bad at all It s decent mystery crime novel, twisted and tangled But maybe I begun it with too much expectations And maybe that s why it took me that long to finish it approximately two weeks which is way too much for me It just didn t man not usually my sort of book but it had me all the way through.I recommend it and enjoyed reading it. It s rare that I give up on a book but I d passed the half way mark and nothing had really happened except some bad parenting and a lot of attitude.I woke up this morning realising that I have a lot of books to read and that there is no reason on earth why I should be forcing myself to plough through something I m just not relating to or enjoying I m a little concerned about the standard of publishing and proofing to as there are several typos and I m pretty sure I spotte Reading this book was captivating I did not want to put it down I am from Louisiana and reading books with a story line based on Louisiana small towns cities are exciting to me The Author is one of my favorite

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