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Hereward (Hereward, #1) 1062, A Time Many Fear Is The End Of Days With The English King Edward Heirless And Ailing, Across The Grey Seas In Normandy The Brutal William The Bastard Waits For The Moment When He Can Drown England In A Tide Of Blood.The Ravens Of War Are Gathering But As The King S Closest Advisors Scheme And Squabble Amongst Themselves, Hopes Of Resisting The Naked Ambition Of The Norman Duke Come To Rest With Just One Man Hereward.To Some A Ruthless Warrior And Master Tactician, To Others A Devil In Human Form, Hereward Is As Adept In The Art Of Slaughter As The Foes That Gather To Claim England S Throne But In His Country S Hour Of Greatest Need, His Enemies At Court Have Made Him Outlaw To Stay Alive And A Freeman He Must Carve A Bloody Swathe From The Frozen Hills Of Northumbria To Flanders Fields And The Fenlands Of East Anglia.The Tale Of A Man Whose Deeds Will Become The Stuff Of Legend, This Is Also The Story Of Two Mismatched Allies Hereward The Man Of War, And Alric, A Man Of Peace, A Monk One Will Risk Everything To Save The Land He Loves, The Other To Save His Friend S Soul.James Wilde S Thrilling, Action Packed Debut Rescues A Great English Hero From The Darkest Of Times And Brings Him To Brutal And Bloody Life.

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    Didn t quite pan out as I expected I read the date involved thought excellent a story about a Saxon Huscarl who goes against them Normans at the Battle of Hastings What we get though is a different recount of the good guys and the bad guys amongst the Saxon court Thegns as Harold Godwinson is portrayed as very different to how my history was taught to me, his brother Tostig too had a dif

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    This is a fictionalized account of Hereward the Wake, dubbed the last Englishman and one of the local leaders who openly resisted the Norman invasion of England in the 11th century Normally this time period is a page turner for me, but maybe it was just unfortunate that I read this book when I was sick with the flu and my mind wasn t on a full on reading mood these past weeks It also didn t h

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    Superb Nothing less.Hereward gripped me and held me at sword point from page one That was my attempt at writing something they might want to use on a future Hereward book jacket.I can t remember being so impressed by a historical novel for a long, long time It really is that good.Set in an interesting and for me, at least under discovered period the years just before and just after the Norman inva

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    Okay I finished it, but this book did not blow me away.Here s the plot of the story Two wrongly accused men, one moral and one amoral, develop a friendship as they attempt to clear their names during the period leading up to and immediately following the Norman Invasion.It took my 150 page to realize what this book was about Until that point, the book was a series of violent escapes during which violen

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    Based on the character of Hereward the Wake and largely following the line of the Gesta Herewardi, I enjoyed the book pretty much, until I came to the part where Hereward goes to Flanders Wilde got the description of the landscape and the coast of Northern France, Flanders, the Zealand Isles, especiall...

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    I would initially be a little hesitant to freely give a book five stars but this is the first book I ve read in a long time that hooked me right from the start.I know it s probably because I m a big fan of Bernard Cornwell, especially the saga centred on Uhtred Of Bebbanburg, but there are echoes of such great storytelling here Hereward, toldin the third person, is avisceral, bloodthirsty and angry story than th

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    Obviously the first in a planned series of novels on Hereward the Wake in this context, the Wake means wary or watchful , who was a real Saxon who lead the resistance against the Norman invaders of England in William the Conquerors time.While largely forgotten by history, many of Herewards exploits have later been subsumed into the many legends of Robin Hood it is easy to see the parallels between the two characters

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    This book was a bit of a dissapointment to me as I was attracted by the cover which had an awesome character on the front, Hereward, handsomely mad, monstrously rugged and deadly You could see the devil in his eyes as he drew back the arrow from a bow that he was never portrayed as having fired in the book as far as I remember Anyway, the character turned out to be just a tad to inhuman at times sinking his teeth into a w

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    I almost gave up reading this novel of Hereward, the English leader of the resistance to William the Conqueror, since the first part was so confusing After he meets the monk and they travel together, I wondered what each of them had done to deserve outlawry also what the plot and the conspiracy were Nothing made sense but all fell together finally and I m glad I did persist and finish The novel tells of Hereward s wanderings a

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    It s all grr arg stab kill Hereward is like aviolent Robin Hood without the merry men, but he has almost got a friar Tuck Not a bad tale but I won t be rushing straight into the next one.

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